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Top Ten (Week of June 10, 2015): Five Questions to Help You Collect Stories from Staff Members

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1. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Five Questions to Help You Collect Stories From Staff Members (Nonprofit Storytelling Conference): When you ask your staff or volunteers to tell you a story, do you get that “deer in the headlight” look from them? In this video, Vanessa Chase is going to give you five questions you can use to pull great stories out of your staff and volunteers.

2. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits (Classy Blog):  Not all thank yous are created equal. From the choice between direct mail and email to the tone of your message, there are best practices to guide development professionals. And now it’s all been gathered together in: The Ultimate Thank You for Nonprofits Infographic.

3. Inspiration: Why I support 12 different charities (SOFII): Laura Croudace argues that fundraisers’ biggest assets are their emotional gauges. Which is why when she seeks inspiration, she looks at the organizations that she personally supports.

4. Donor Relations/Cultivation: 13-Step Process to Build and Strengthen Your Mid-Level Giving Program - Part One (Hilborn): In the first of three articles, Maeve Strathy shows what any mid-level giving program should be all about: dedicating attention to those donors showing great potential in your annual giving program. There’s money on the table for you, and if you give your generous annual donors some #DonorLove, you might just enable them to do some more good for your organization.

5. Corporate Fundraising: Five Tiers of a Corporate Relationship (The NonProfit Times): Although a relationship between a corporation and a nonprofit might sound at first like the same thing anywhere—in any arrangement—that is not the case. In other words, such an arrangement can (and should!) be cut to fit, rather than being pulled off the rack.

6. Online/Social Media: How Nonprofits Can Use Mobile Tools to Succeed in 2015 ( A nice overview of software and other options that charities can use in their fundraising.

7. Sector Policy/Public Relations: Enough Defending, It's Time for Charities to Come Out Fighting (LinkedIn/Pulse): Jonathan Waddingham says charities have been on the defensive for too long about ethical and effective fundraising policies and procedures, and it’s time they step up and recruit donors and supporters to help make their case.

8. Ethics: Lemons to Lemonade: How Your Nonprofit Can Overcome Charity Scams (Amy Eisenstein): What if we turn charity scandals into great opportunities for us to generate discussion, engage donors, and strengthen our profession? Amy talks about four steps charities can take to maintain public trust.

9. Planned Giving: Polarity Thinking: Critical Guidance for Family Trusts - Part 1 of 5: A Brief Introduction to Polarity Thinking (Planned Giving Design Center): Dan Felix broaches the new topic of Polarity Thinking and applies it to the trust environment. As you'll see, it will certainly open the eyes of charitable trustees as well.

10. Fundraising Approach/Strategy: Why Red Nose Day was no Ice Bucket Challenge (Digiday/Brands): Celebrities came out in droves last night for the televised Red Nose Day fundraiser event. But in a viral climate that favors “authentic” experiences, the very notion of a telethon has taken a backseat to more organic social media movements.

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