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Top Ten (Week of May 6, 2015): The State of Relationship Fundraising—A Conversation

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1. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The State of Relationship Fundraising – A Conversation (101 Fundraising): Giles Pegram defines relationship fundraising as fundraising that positions the donor’s relationship with the cause through the charity, as central to success, rather than conventional short term transactional thinking. Can this way of thinking help your organization? Here’s food for thought (and action).

2. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The Future of Fundraising (101 Fundraising): Here is a thoughtful opinion piece by the author of Relationship Fundraising on why fundraising has to change. This is the first of five articles. Hint: The outlook is not necessarily all rosy, but it could be.

3. Online/Social Media: Does My Nonprofit Need a Mobile App? (TechSoup): Maybe not. Here are useful questions to ask, starting with, “What can an app do that my organization's website can't do already?” Look at the costs for development, too.

4. Technology: Build Donor Loyalty with CRM Tools (Give Local America): Even small organizations need help in organizing data on donors, prospects, and communications. A good Customer Relationship Manage System (CRM) can help. Here are links to some blog posts on good CRM tools for nonprofits and how to use them.

5. Technology: Do Nonprofit Directors Face Cyber Security Risk? (Huffington Post): In view of recent cyber security threats to all sorts of organizations (think donor records!), should your organization recruit a cyber-security expert for your board? Eugene Fram says no and suggests better ways to get the protection you and your directors need.

6. Younger Donors/Gen Y/Millennials: Engaging the Next Generation in Family Foundations (NonProfit Quarterly): Here are five ways family foundations can hope to keep their next generations feeling the passion for the mission.

7. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Is Fundraising a #FAIL? (LinkedIn): Jocelyn Harmon recalls the report Compass Points and the Haas Foundation issued a few years back, “Underdeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising,” and offers 5 steps nonprofits can take to raise the money they need to succeed.

8. Donors: Donor Relationships Are Made Or Broken In The Moment (Bloomerang Blog): Charlie Hulme of Donor Voice says true relationship building occurs whenever a donor experiences any of your touch points—whether receiving a communication, surfing your website, talking to a staff member on the phone, attending an event, or sending you an email. “That’s the precious moment your relationship with them hangs in the balance.” Is your feedback to donors as good as customer feedback is in the commercial world?

9. Miscellaneous: 5 Do's and Don'ts of Helping During a Disaster (About Money): Joanne Fritz offers tips on the right way to help during emergencies. You might want to share these with volunteers and donors.

10. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Dear Artists, Stop Turning In Bad Grant Applications (Part 1) (Grant Space): Do you always rush at the last minute to meet grant application deadlines? Here’s how to create a polished kit of information about yourself and your work that will be ready whenever a grant opportunity arises.

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