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Top Ten (Week of April 22, 2015): Don’t Panic! Avoid The Content Creation Crunch

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1. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Don’t Panic! Avoid The Content Creation Crunch (Heidi Cohen): Here’s a guide to organizing your content creation process so that you never feel that “tax-time” crunch when you face content deadlines.

2. Donors: Are You Taking Your Donors on a Journey? (Foundation Center): Derek Feldman explains why to keep your donors engaged in your cause, you need to take them on a journey.

3. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: What causes do men care about? Kids and moustaches (Deseret News): It is well documented that women tend to give more to charity than men. But if you’re ignoring men in your fundraising appeals, you could be making a huge mistake.

4. Volunteer Management: Volunteer Value Hits $23.07 An Hour (Nonprofit Times): In case you need to document what your organization gets from volunteers, the value of a volunteer hour was up 52 cents to $23.07 last year, about 2.3 percent more than 2013, according to the latest estimate by Independent Sector (IS). Now, would you say your organization gets more value from volunteers or less than other nonprofits in your field?

5. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Top Five Strategies to Raise More Money From Foundations (Grant Space): If you haven’t approached foundations for funding before (or if you have approached without success), you should consider these 5 strategies before you submit your next proposal. After all, they come from the Foundation Center—in other words, the horse’s mouth.

6. Nonprofit Board Management: Conflicts of Interest and a “Memo of Frustration”: A Community College Foundation Finds Itself in a Mess (Nonprofit Quarterly): Here’s another cautionary tale: It’s best whenever possible NOT to do business with board members.

7. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Do Your Donors Want Your Fundraising to be More FUN? (The Fundraising Authority): Joe Garecht says, “Yes, you should be telling impactful, tear-jerking stories about your work. But you should also be tempering some of those serious messages with communications that are a little more ‘fun’ and joyful.” Here are three ways you can inject a little more fun into your donor dispatches without taking away from the seriousness of your work.

8. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: How to Get Off the Dang Fundraising Treadmill (Fired-Up Fundraising): Do you know there is money available for your organization that you just can’t get the time to go after? Gail Perry advises, “If you’re a frustrated fundraiser, commit EVERYTHING you’ve got to finding the support and resources you need so you can raise the money that’s out there.”

9. Donors: 9 Things I've Learned About Leadership Donors (We Did It): Maeve Starthy! says “They don’t care that they’re leadership donors,” and shares 8 more things she has discovered about working with leadership donors.

10. Technology: 8 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Donor Database (Bloomerang Blog): Has your donor database grown too large? This post tells you how to identify and throw out the bathwater without throwing out the baby.

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