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Top Ten (Week of April 8, 2015): Defining Your Case Through Four Vexingly Simple Questions

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1. Defining Your Case Through Four Vexingly Simple Questions (Campbell and Company):
If you can answer four questions with simple, clear answers, you’ve worked out the essential elements of your case and laid the foundation for compelling donor messaging and communications.

2. Miscellaneous: Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Insurance (Nonprofit Insurance Blog): Just what kind of insurance do your directors and officers need? This blog post by Brett Cohrs, originally published in December 2013, discusses both how boards can affect an insurance program and how they can be potentially dependent on it.

3.Online/Social Media: 15 Psychological Studies That Will Boost Your Social Media Marketing (Buffer Social): Here are 15 briefly stated findings from social psychological research, each with an easy-to-remember takeaway that you can use in fundraising and marketing via social media.

4. Technology: 10 Mistakes Nonprofits Make with Video (Nonprofit Quarterly): Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when you make a video for your nonprofit. Perhaps none is more important than number 10: Having no end goal. The bonus tip is “Story trumps everything.”

5. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Touching the Hearts of Possible Donors and Volunteers—Just How Is It Done? (Nonprofit Quarterly): This article repeats the psychology finding that when it comes to charitable giving, we are often ruled by our hearts and not our heads. It also contains links to research on what motivates women to give and what motivates millennials to give.

6. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Fixing Hidden Leaks #1: How To Write Good (The Agitator): The Agitator contends “the [nonprofit] sector spends millions of dollars and hours creating complexity. Complexity that drives donors away. Out they go through the leaky self-created holes in the retention bucket.” This post shows how to use the Flesch- Kinkaid Grade Level Score in Word, which measures the ease a donor will have reading your copy, to get readers to stick around. Whether you’re writing for email, print, or the web.

7. Jobs/Workplace: Fundraising Connection: Beware the Survey (Fundraising Success): Katrina VanHuss explains that a donor's present self and future self do not always see eye to eye. What people say they will do isn’t always what they actually do.  (Think of a teenager who says he will mow the lawn.) Whether it’s staff or donors, be wary of taking action solely on what the people you “survey” say they will do.

8. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 5 Ways to Get More of the Online Attention You Crave (Copyblogger). Like it or not, when you write a simple email to a donor or an online appeal, you’re being a copywriter. And either way, you want to capture the reader’s attention. Here are 5 simple techniques you can use.

9. Major Gifts: [DATA] The 2015 State of Major Gift Fundraising (Bloomerang): Want to know how other organizations go after major gifts? This survey of a non-scientific  sample of Bloomerang customers and friends presents results on a variety of useful questions about major gift fundraising practices.

10. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The Shifting Parameters of Governance: Some Thoughts about Sweet Briar, Indiana, and the Role of Boards (Nonprofit Quarterly): “Engagement around an organization can be a tool if used; if not, then it can be a scourge …” Here are some thoughts about the role of nonprofit governing boards in today’s environment.

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