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Top Ten (Week of February 11, 2015): Building a Professional Network That Works for You

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success!

1. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Fundraiser Solutions Hosted by John John Genovese (Fundraiser Solutions): If you are considering holding a fundraising auction, check out these interviews with nonprofit fundraising 501c3 experts and charity gala professionals.

2. Jobs/Workplace: Smarter Nonprofit Networking: Building A Professional Network That Works for You (Beth’s Blog): Beth Kanter describes two different approaches to professional networking that, used together, can help you make connections, solve problems, learn, and move forward at whatever stage you are in your career.

3. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 21 Ways To Make Donors Your Valentine (Bloomerang Blog): Jay Love (appropriate name!) shows 21 ways to let your donors know you care.

4. Online/Social Media: Radical Redesign or Incremental Change? (Neilsen Norman Group): Does your website’s user interface need refreshing? Hoa Loranger of the interface research firm NN/g suggests before you throw out the old and bring in the new, make sure you have solid evidence that doing so is necessary to achieve user-centered goals.

5. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: How to Create a Deep Connection with Your Prospects and Customers (Copyblogger): This blog post, aimed at marketing to customers, applies just as well to communicating with donors and donor prospects. See how well your communications reflect these principles.

6. Job/Workplace: 6 Time-Saving Business Tools to Help You Get Organized (Vertical Response): Are distractions driving you to distraction? Here are 6 productivity apps that can help you focus more effectively on the work you need to do.

7. Job/Workplace: Optimize Your Downtime: The Complete Guide to Learning via Podcast (99U): More productivity hacks. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks may not take as long as you think. This article tells you how you speed up and learn more at the same time.

8. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The Allure of Proactive Research (Fundraising Compass):

Here is cautionary advice to novice prospect researchers who tend to wander from their assigned duties of reactive research to the promised land of proactive research. The bottom line: Do your reactive research first.

9. Online/Social Media: 10 Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good): The author says, “… scientific analysis of Twitter clearly indicate that there is right way and a wrong way to use Twitter. The challenge is for nonprofits to learn from and apply the scientific data to their Twitter strategy.” The article tells you how to improve your own twitter strategy.

10. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The biggest mental block to fundraising success – board members and nonprofit leaders (The Fundraising Coach): Here’s how you can get beyond the negative to the positive in raising funds from your board members.

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