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Top Ten (Week of January 26, 2015): Helping Volunteers Fall in Love with the Mission

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success!

1. Volunteers: Falling in Love With the Mission and Other Sage Advice for a First Time Nonprofit Director (Huff Post): If you are recruiting a board member who has not served on a nonprofit board before, here is some advice to orient the newcomer—and put your mind at ease.

2. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Here are 5 Reasons to Try Peer-to-Peer Fundraising in 2015 (DonorPro): Is your government or foundation funding drying up? You may need to start fundraising in a hurry, you may want to use a peer-to-peer approach. This article tells how.

3. International: Global NFP Benchmarking Survey Results (Pro Bono Australia): According to a new global survey, association and not-for-profit executives in Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe and the US are concerned about keeping up with mobile demands and reporting/measurement challenges. This article reports these and other findings from International software provider, Advanced Solutions International (ASI)’s first annual Global Benchmark Reports on Membership Performance and Fundraising Performance.

4. Fundraising Research: Selling Alone Can’t Close the First Sale (Burk’s Blog): What motivates donors to give to a nonprofit for the first time? The 2014 Burk Donor survey of 23,000 donors in the US and Canada found the top two reasons to be that their chosen not-for-profit’s mission was aligned with their interests (58%) and that they had been considering this particular organization for support for some time (29%). The solicitation alone is not enough to do the trick.

5. Online/Social Media: The Top Email KPIs for Nonprofit Communicators (Bloomerang): Those fundraisers who take a data-driven approach to email marketing typically experience higher success rates on their newsletters, appeals and acknowledgements than those who “send it and forget it.” Here are the top email key performance indicators (KPIs) that industry veteran Jay Love says nonprofits should care about and measure often.

6. Online/Social Media: The Top 3 Worst KPIs for Nonprofit Marketers (Bloomerang): There is no shortage of online metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for nonprofit marketers (read fundraisers) to worry about these days. Here are three oft-cited sacred cows that the author says should get less emphasis in your reports.

7. Miscellaneous: A High-Profile Nonprofit Crash and Burn: The BeatBullying Saga (Nonprofit Quarterly): A case study from the UK that contains a precautionary warning for nonprofit boards and managements everywhere.

8. Online/Social Media: From “Just Content” to Social Content ( How can you take content you already have and turn it into “social content?” This slideshow describe what makes social content and offers 3 tips to turn ordinary content into Person-to-Person content.

9. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Monthly Giving for the Small Shop – Interview with Harvey McKinnon (Pamela Grow): Here, succinctly stated, is the case for establishing a monthly giving program, and how even a one-person shop can do it. First published in 2011, it’s just as relevant today if you don’t already have a monthly giving program in your arsenal.

10. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Fundraising New Years Resolution — Upgrade Strategy (Donor Dreams Blog): If you’ve done a good job with stewarding your donors in 2014, then you need to have a strategy to ask your donors to consider making a larger contribution in 2015. This blog post offers a simple donor upgrade strategy plus a more sophisticated strategy through a “donor recognition society” to make donors feel special.

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