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Top Ten (Week of January 19, 2015): Remember What It Is All About—Perspective and Inspiration

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success!

1. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Remember What It Is All About (Veritus Group): January is a good time to step back and view the forest instead of the trees. Here are 4 tips to help you put your work into perspective and gain some inspiration for 2015.

2. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 7 Steps to Fundraising Success in 2015: Strategic Tips for Your Board and CEO (Gail Perry): And here are 7 steps you can take at the beginning of the year to fire up your leaders and build a well-oiled fundraising machine inside your organization.

3.  Fundraising Strategy/Approach: The 8 Fundamentals of Supercharged Grant Fundraising (Fundraising Authority): Grants should be a complement to your other fundraising sources. This article presents eight concepts to keep in mind as you seek to build a grant fundraising program.

4. Fundraising Research: [INFOGRAPHIC] 2014 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey Report (Bloomerang): This infographic vividly shows the striking benefit of retaining existing donors versus recruiting new ones, as revealed in AFP’s groundbreaking Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

5. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 4 Questions To Ask About Your Fundraising Team Chemistry (Bloomerang):  Does your entire team (board members, CEO, DoD, staff) 100% embrace customer service and relationship-building? That’s what it takes for superior results.

6. Technology: 10 Best Practices for Email Security (TechSoup): Unfortunately, nonprofits face the same threats to their email security that other businesses and organizations face. Are you sure your emails are secure? These 10 best practices will help keep your email system protected.

7. Online/Social Media: What’s in my Inbox | Email welcome message (Pamela Grow): Is your welcome message to new donors just a typical statement, or does it really sing? Here is an example you can borrow from to make your donors feel really special.

8. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Paradigm Shift in Global Giving: Philanthropy and Impact Giving (HuffPost): This is a brief report on the 10th Annual European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) Conference. To the EVPA, venture philanthropy is an approach to build stable organizations with a societal purpose by giving them monetary and non-monetary supports to impact society.

9. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: January 2015 Monthly Tip: Unforgettable? (Good  Works Blog): This author maintains, “If you’re unforgettable, donors know you, they recognize your brand and feel like they’re part of your ‘cause family’.  They’re proud to be a member of your tribe.  They have ‘experiences’ with you.  They care.  They give regularly.  They call or write.” How do you compare?  Are you unforgettable?  How do you know?  And why does it matter?

10. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Motivating People to Buy (The Story of Telling): Getting people to give is like getting them to buy. Using the Fogg Behavior Model, this article shows how raising funds is similar to selling ice cream.

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