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Three Free Tools to Help You Increase Donations This Holiday Season

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By Paul Nazareth

Without a doubt, the holiday season is the most critical fundraising period for charitable organizations. In addition to engaging your supporters in meaningful ways, you need an end-of-year appeal strategy that can attract new donors to meet your goals. Attracting new donors typically comes at a significant cost – but it doesn’t have to.

CanadaHelps is a registered charity whose mission is to serve other charities. Since our launch in 2000, more than 15,000 charities have joined us to fundraise and collect donations online, and we have facilitated over $400 million in charitable donations.

Here are three simple and free tools from the team at CanadaHelps that will help amplify your voice, attract new donors, and raise more this Holiday season. 

Demonstrate the tangible impact of a donation

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Donors are increasingly motivated to give when they know the tangible impact of their donation. Many large charities benefit by offering charitable gifts—think of campaigns to provide a goat to a family, or a scholarship to a child—especially during the holiday season.  

The new CanadaHelps Gift Guide is a free way for charities of all types and sizes to attract new donors with charitable gifts. This new initiative enables the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who visit our website each year to browse charitable gift ideas ranging in value from $25 to $250. Charitable gift ideas can be anything from physical items, such as warm blankets, school supplies, or first-aid kits, to outcomes of donations such as the gift of a lifesaving medical treatment for a child in need.

Learn more about adding your charitable gifts to the CanadaHelps Gift Guide.

Tax-time Toolkit: Plan your year-end appeal

Your year-end appeal should not end on December 25. Each year, we record our highest daily donations the week after Christmas. In fact, over five percent of annual donations come in on December 31 alone. A strong online appeal near the end of December is essential to ensure Canadians think of your organization when making their final 2014 charitable donation.

The CanadaHelps Tax Toolkit is a free resource that includes tax appeal messaging, information about the First-time Donor’s Tax Credit, and eye-catching graphics, email banners and badges for use in your donor communications. CanadaHelps also offers online fundraising tools, optimized for best e-commerce practices.

Download your free Tax-time Toolkit today.

Attract new donors year round: Update your CanadaHelps charity profile

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Have you visited lately?  In August, CanadaHelps launched its new website. While all registered Canadian charities have a profile on CanadaHelps, charities that sign up for free can manage their profile page, inspiring donors to give by telling their charitable story, and adding photos, videos, testimonials, links to media articles, and more! They can also promote their fundraising campaigns, which are easily discoverable by Canadians in the visually rich Charity Campaigns view.

You know more than anyone that your charity’s work is essential.  With these new holiday tools, we hope to help your charity, and charities across the countr,y raise as much as they can and connect with new donors this holiday season.

Paul Nazareth is VP Community Engagement with CanadaHelps is a registered charity that serves charities. Since launching in 2000, more than 15,000 charities have joined to fundraise and collect donations online. Follow CanadaHelps charity education account @CharityLifeCA on Twitter or connect with Paul on Linkedin.

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