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Top Ten (Week of September 8, 2014): Strategic Strategeries on Strategy!

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success

1. Donors: Donor Retention Strategies from Nonprofit Experts (Blackbaud): Donor retention is not an adjunct to fundraising; it’s at the heart. This downloadable ebook contains a variety of practical ideas and best practices focused on donor retention.

2. Jobs/Workplace: Where can I find Salary Information for Nonprofit Jobs? (GrantSpace): Whether you are hiring or jobseeking, finding salary information can be a challenge. This article describes a variety of techniques to locate the information you need.

3. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Five Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from Startups (FastCompany): Here are five basic but effective strategies that work for nonprofits just as they do for startup companies.

4. Special Events: Silent Auction Strategies that Increase Revenue (Bloomerang): Just having a silent auction does not guarantee success. To avoid a very public -- and very embarrassing – failure, check out these strategies to see if you are prepared for show time.

5. Technology: Are Nonprofits staffing Tech Right? (frogloop): A few key findings from NTEN’s 8th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report that your nonprofit may want to take into consideration.
You can see the full report here (registration required):

6. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Rewards-Based Crowdfunding (NonprofitHub): Five effective ways your nonprofit could show its gratitude and appreciation by providing rewards in exchange of donations.

7. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Find Out if Your Fundraising Writing is too “Latin.” (future fundraisingnow): Here’s a tool to help. Generally in persuasive writing, short, strong Germanic and Anglo-Saxon words are preferable to flowery “Latinate” words But consider your audience and purpose before you blindly follow the rule.

8. Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Make Your Ask Specific and You’ll Raise More Money. (fired up fundraising): Are you asking for the right thing? This article argues that the General Unrestricted Ask is lazy fundraising. What’s more, it’s weak.

9. Technology: 6 Tech Tools That Nonprofits Should Migrate to the Cloud (business2community): Smaller nonprofits that cannot afford a full-time IT employee are left to set-up and maintain complicated technologies, such as productivity tools and CRMs, on their own. Existing applications typically go un-updated, due to cost or fear of incompatibility with aging hardware. Fortunately, the advent of low-cost and easy-to-use cloud-based technologies enables nonprofits with a shoestring budget and skeleton staff to achieve the same level of technological sophistication as any large organization.

10. Make Mentors! Humanize Your Heroes (LinkedIn: Paul Nazareth): Your heroes, your idols, your donors—they have poignant and inspiring stories, but they’re not all heroic and victorious. Stories of challenge, change, discomfort, fear, failure—they’re all ideas everyone can relate to. They make your heroes—and your stories—more real and human.

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