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Stick With Us—We’ll Carry You Through Your Entire Fundraising Career!

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From that first moment when you realize you want to be a fundraiser, to the moment you achieve the coveted advanced fundraiser accreditation—the ACFRE—to getting your post-retirement fundraising fix, AFP is there for you. There is a course, an international conference, regional conferences, specialized sector events, remote conferences and endless resources that will help you develop and foster your fundraising career, every step of the way.

Follow the AFP Development Pathway for what you need to be—and should be—taking, attending and doing at every stage of your fundraising profession. 

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Fundraising Newbies—Entry to Five Years

For those not-quite-fundraisers, collegiate fundraisers and early professional career fundraisers, you have the pick of the professional development litter. With more than 20 products and services at your fingertips, you’ll be a professional fundraiser in no time! Below are just SOME of the offerings to assist you at this point in your career. For a full list be sure to visit the Professional Development tab of the AFP website!

  • Ongoing Professional Development
    • AFP Web/Audioconferences: We bring the experts to you! All you need is a computer with Internet access for webinars, or a speakerphone for audioconferences, and you can easily watch the presentation, submit questions and participate in audience polls. Even better: new web/audioconferences are offered throughout the year, while you always have access to archived web/audioconference—including education sessions from the AFP International Conference. Bonus: all offer CFRE continuing education points!
    • Ethics Workshop & Ethics Assessment Inventory (EAI): The EAI is an AFP member only tool that is available online for voluntary use. Based on research conducted by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures, this 14-item online survey tool provides fundraisers and organizations with a snapshot of their ethical performance and more!
    • AFP International Conference: The largest conference of its kind brings more than 4,000 fundraising professionals together to discuss, teach and learn about new development issues. Offering more than 150 educational sessions from some of the most esteemed fundraising speakers in the world, the conference is THE place to overdose on fundraising professional development. Save the date for the 52nd AFP Conference on March 29-31, 2015 in Baltimore, Md.
  • Training Courses
    • AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Course (FFC): Offered both face-to-face and online—for those who crave in-person learning and for those who need learning on-the-go—the FFC was designed by experienced fundraising professionals to meet the real-world needs and challenges that nonprofit organizations face every day. This is a must-take for newbie fundraisers!
  • Services
    • AFP Resource Center: Hailed as one of the top member benefits, the AFP Resource Center is your personal helpline for all things fundraising. Drawing from dozens of publications and backed y the power of the Internet, the Resource Center provides members and other fundraising professionals with customized research assistance on fundraising issues and best practices. Get your Hot Topics, free Compensation and Benefits Study, Online Card Catalogue and so much more—all in the AFP Resource Center!

Professional and Veteran Fundraisers—Five to Ten Years and Beyond!

We don’t just get you started in your fundraising career, we make sure we’re there for you every step of the way—from mid-career, to advanced fundraiser, to retirement. AFP recognizes that if you’re once a fundraiser, you’re always a fundraiser, so you need the tools, products and events for that never-ending passion.

Not only do you have access to everything a newbie has (and don’t count out those “newbie” offerings—the AFP International conference, webinars, Resource Center and more are all for YOU, too!), but you also have your own pool of continuing education that is developed for the more advanced stage of your fundraising career. Below are a few things that are tailored just for you—find more under the Professional Development tab of the AFP website!

  • Ongoing Professional Development
    • AFP/SSIR Nonprofit Management Institute: AFP partners with the Stanford Social Innovation Review of Stanford University to bring you a senior-level nonprofit executive conference. Designed for CEOs, executive directors, board members and others with significant leadership responsibilities, this advanced conference is attended by fundraisers from around the world! Find more about this year’s event, Sept. 9-10, here!
    • AFP Faculty Training Academy (FTA): The FTA prepares instructors to take leadership positions in AFP’s professional education programs and to serve as peer mentors for other AFP course instructors. Once an AFP Master Trainer, you have the training needed to ensure the highest quality in education—therefore you get preferential consideration when submitting to present at AFP conferences and courses!
  • Training Courses
    • AFP CFRE Review Course: We told you we were there for you! When you’re working towards your highest achievements, we’re by your side as your training buddy—providing you will the best tools to help you pass the test. AFP’s CFRE Review Course offers the opportunity to review the main components of a complete fundraising program based on fundraising experience at the five-year level. A must-take course when preparing for your CFRE exam! 

Like we said—whatever point you’re at in your fundraising career, we’re here for you. If there’s something you need that we’re not providing, tell us! We’re constantly growing and creating new content, tools, services and conferences that will ultimately help YOU grow. Thank you for trusting us to get your through your career—and thank you for choosing a career that changes the world! 

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