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Top Ten (Week of August 11, 2014): #GivingTuesday Campaign Planner

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: 3 Tips to Increase Solicitation Success (NonprofitFunderland): Chances are you know HOW to make the ‘ask’—now these three tips will help you take it to the next level!

2.     Online/Social Media: Oh, Snap! A Q&A With’s Snapchat Strategists (TheChronicleofPhilanthropy): Know what Millennials are REALLY into? Gone are the days of Facebook and Instagram obsessions—there’s a new social media out in town: Snapchat! Is your nonprofit maximizing?

3.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: SMANF NY Nonprofit Conference: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Integrated Fundraising (TheDMA): An undercover donor gets the genius idea to give to 16 charities and monitor their integrated fundraising efforts. What he discovers will help you know what to do—and not to do—with your nonprofit’s integrated fundraising!

4.     Jobs/Workplace: Internships Done Right: A Winning Approach for Both Nonprofits and Students (CharityVillage): Students who are new to the nonprofit sector are drawn to internships, while nonprofits could always use an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears. Learn how to maximize on this relationship!

5.     Special Events: #GivingTuesday Campaign Planner (SalsaLabs): Just over 100 days until Giving Tuesday, which means you should be in planning mode NOW! This campaign planner will take you all the way through to Dec. 2!

6.     Donors: Know the Oddball Reasons Donors Donate (FutureFundraisingNow): Some of the reasons are a given, but some of these oddball reasons why donors give to your organization may surprise you!

7.     Donors: How Nonprofits Can Tap into Donor Data to Boost Donor Retention (CDS-Global): A major key to donor retention? Talking WITH your donors, not AT them. This article provides good feedback from a Donor Data webinar!

8.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Great Timing: How to Improve Your Charity Comms (FundraisingCollective): Yet another article (seems to be a lot lately) about cashing in on timely occasions to strike more chords in your donors.

9.     Special Events: A Look at #GivingTuesday in the August Sun (Storify.Altaloman): This storify stream takes a look at the social media phenomena that has prompted charity and philanthropy around the globe. In August the storify concentrates on the phenomena that is Giving Tuesday.

10.  Miscellaneous: The Charitable Spirit of Robin Williams (CharityNavigator): Aside from being a great entertainer—one of the funniest there ever was, or will be—Robin Williams was also a very generous person who supported many charities.

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