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Top Ten (Week of July 23, 2014): How Storytelling Defines Your Brand and Helps You Reach New Audiences

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1. Direct Mail Yields Major Gift Donors (The Agitator) More evidence to support the inclusion of a robust direct mail acquisition strategy when committing your organization to a sophisticated multi-channel marketing approach.

2. Strategy for the Small Organisation (SOFII) Can’t afford to hire professional consultants or even a trained staff person? No worries - here are 13 techniques that can work for small organizations trying to raise more income!
3. Three Ways to Engage Millennial Donors ( The question on all tongues: How do we get more Millennials involved in giving? Here are a few of the lessons learned by the nonprofit organization Spark that can help groups break through to Millennial donors!
4. How Storytelling Defines Your Brand (Associations Now) If you don't know what "story" your association is telling with its brand, you may be jeopardizing your mission. Learn how to get people to tell the best "story" about you and advance your cause.
5. Five Questions with Jean Case from the Case Foundation (Here's My Chance) Sitting down with the CEO of The Case Foundation to discuss philanthropy, Millennials, and the future of foundation-funded impact.
6. Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking ( Multitasking is great…unless you want to create quality work and actually be productive. Learn how to improve your results by monotasking instead!
7. How Do You Thank Your ‘Everday’ Hero? (Good Works Blog) Stop worrying so much about the "ask" and instead divert brainstorming time to stewardship and converting regular donors to HERO donor status. Their potential is there for the taking...or should we say giving!
8. Reaching New Audiences Through Storytelling: Advice for doing more than just "preaching to the choir" with your message (The Chronicle of Philanthropy) The potential is there to build your base through stories. The key is what partnerships and structure you put in place to engage those audiences.
9. Cracking the Crowdfunding Code (Craig Newmark's craigconnects) Crowdfunding is king these days, it seems. But how much does crowdfunding really raise on average? And what are the best practices? Check out this cool infographic to get the breakdown!
10. The Secret of Writing a Successful Fundraising Letter (The Fundraising Authority) In these days of tweets, turns out that writing a fundraising letter still is the key driver for success. Here are five of the most important principles for a letter that works.

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