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Top Ten (Week of July 9, 2014): Young People Should be at The Forefront of Charity Campaigns

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it, especially over the holidays. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Online/Social Media: Is There an App for Us? (FundraisingSuccessMag): You’re told you HAVE to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and beyond. And now, there may be an app in your future. Does you nonprofit have an app for that?

2.     Foundations: Video: Foundations Reveal What They Look for in Grant Proposals (TheChronicleofPhilanthropy): This video gives a look inside what foundations are really looking for in a grant proposal. Just a hint: it’s NOT a ton of big words to sound “fancy”, or a proposal that weighs a ton.

3.     Donors: Three Questions to Help You to Engage Donors with Your Stories (ActivateFundraising): Have you ever put yourself in your donor’s shoes? It will help you understand them and ultimately engage better!

4.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: How to Get Through the Final Push of Your Fundraising Campaign (StayClassy): It’s not the time to sit back and watch your campaign sunset. It’s time to dig your heels in for one final BIG push.

5.     Younger Donors/Gen Y/Millennials: Young People Should be at The Forefront of Charity Campaigns (TheGuardian): Could you imagine a twenty-two year old serving on your nonprofit board? You should imagine it—and make it happen. They are innovative and fresh, and just what your nonprofit needs.

6.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Weekly Idea – Some Things I Have Learned in My Years of Fundraising (InstituteforGiving): Having three-four passionate volunteers makes you a lucky nonprofit, the 80-20 rule may be extinct, donors want to know the WHY behind everything you do, and 13 other tips from one of the most noted fundraisers: Jerry Panas.

7.     Donors: What Makes People Generous: Charity, Empathy, And Storytelling (Forbes): Are you worthy? Your cause, the “victims” you support and ultimately, your nonprofit? Because when given a choice, donors judge on worthiness. Be worthy!

8.     Donors: I’m Moral, But I Won’t Help You: The Distinct Roles of Empathy and Justice in Donations (SocialScienceResearchNetwork): This free report dives deeper into who and what donors find worthy of giving to.

9.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Relationship Fundraising Needs a Brand Re-fresh. How About Engagement Fundraising? (101Fundraising): Is “relationship fundraising” hogwash?  Do you donors ever actually say they are in a “relationship” with your nonprofit? It may be time to redefine.

10.  Ethics: Compliance: Are You Keeping Up with the Law? (GreaterGoodFundraising): There are many laws that nonprofits need to follow. Some that are set by the IRS, some that are set by state legislature and beyond. If you’re aware that your nonprofit is not following these laws then you are just as guilty—per the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.

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