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Top Ten (Week of June 2, 2014): How to Achieve Out of This World Open Rates

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it, especially over the holidays. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Email: How to Achieve Out of This World Open Rates [Plus 5 Tips to Avoid the Trash Altogether] (NPEngage): You know the drill—you scan your emails every morning and ‘delete, delete, delete’ as fast as your eyes can scan. But SOME catch your eye—why?

2.     Donors: How Effective Is Your Welcome Program? (101Fundraising): Hook, line and sinker! You got the donor, but now what? Did you roll out the red carpet for their welcoming? You should have!

3.     Donors: Overhead Ratios: How to Answer Your Donors’ Questions (MovieMondays): Trick situation: your donor asks how much of their money goes to overhead, and you say…? This clip will help you through the response.

4.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: Talking Nonprofit Videos With The Folks Behind The DoGooder Awards (FundraisingSuccessMag): The best videos contain puppies, babies or kids…OR just a really good story!

5.     Fundraising Strategy/Approach: What Does That Mean? (AnnGreenNonprofit): Are your broad, generalized and immense terms driving your readers and donors away? Get specific and tell us what you REALLY mean.

6.     Emails: ‘Thanks for Subscribing!’ 10 Tips for Great Welcome Emails (TargetMarketingMag): Congrats – they’ve subscribed! Now what? Use these ten ways to reel them in and KEEP them – including the chance to turn them into a donor.

7.     Ethics: 6 Tips for Effective Nonprofit Crisis Planning (NonprofitCharitableOrgs): No matter what you do, bad things can still happen to your nonprofit. It’s not always that it happened, but how you handle it afterwards that really makes a difference.

8.     Younger Donors/Gen Y/Millennials: Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Focus on Millennials (RazooFoundation): Though baby boomers are giving NOW, Millennials aren’t too far behind, so the time to engage them in now! They’re eager to give and get involved, and they come with followers!

9.     Donors: Tried and True Techniques That Encourage Monthly Giving (StayClassy): The best way to acquire a monthly donor is to show them what their money—at any amount—will do each month.

10.  Working with Volunteers: When Board Members Say “I’ll Do Anything But Fundraise” – 4 Tips (PamelaGrow): Every nonprofit strives to have 100 percent board participation, and it’s easy to complain when they don’t all adhere to that policy. But instead of bellyaching about it, why not encourage them with training and one-on-one’s!

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