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Top Ten (Week of April 23, 2014): Americans Want To Give Back With Their Purchases—Not With Charity

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it, especially over the holidays. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Fundraising Research: Americans Want To Give Back With Their Purchases—Not With Charity (FactCoExist): Socially responsible shopping, also known as buying-to-give, continues to increase in 2014, while straight charitable giving decreases.

2.     Online/Social Media: 7 Tips for Getting Your Nonprofit CEO on Social Media (LinkedIn/BethKanter): Don’t just tell your CEO they should be on Twitter—show them! Give them a tweetorial!

3.     Technology: Spring Cleaning Time On Your Website (WildApricot): Happy Spring…cleaning, that is. It’s not just limited to cluttered closets—it applies to your website, too!

4.     Technology: A Night Out at The Movies (Sofii): Grab the popcorn! Better yet, grab the tissues. A line-up of powerful nonprofit videos that are sure to tug at your heart strings—like the Save the Children one that aired at AFP ICON!

5.     Online/Social Media: Checklist: Is Your Online Giving Site Donor-Friendly? (AcademicImpressions): Amazon provides easy one-click purchase options—does your online donation website do the same? How easy do you make it? Get on the Amazon-plan!

6.     Online/Social Media: Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon) (GettingAttention): There are two sides to every story—like whether Facebook is beneficial, or not, for your nonprofit. Weigh your Facebook in this “Yay vs. Nay” debate.

7.     Online/Social Media: 4 Must-Know Features of the New Twitter Profile Design for Nonprofits (nptechforgood): Twitter is getting a makeover! Make sure your nonprofit’s Twitter page is prepped and ready for the new view, otherwise you may look inactive.

8.     Donors: Retention? Enough Already! (FundraisingSuccessMag): Everyone’s favorite topic, and one of the most popular—donor retention. Some updated tips to keep you evolving with the hot topic!

9.     Fundraising Research: What’s A Fundraiser Worth? (TheAgitator): Fresh off the heels of The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s study on fundraisers’ compensation, The Agitator analyzes a fundraiser’s worth.

10.  Donors: Show Your Donors How You Are Making a Difference (AnnGreenNonprofit): Giving a one-liner about how you’re using your donors’ money just won’t cut it—dive into WHY, how, when and more. The more details, the better!

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