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Five Powerful Social Media Experts Lead You To Social Change at the 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising

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There’s a reason that these five social media experts have more than a collective 422,000 followers on Twitter—they are leading the nonprofit world to social change through their social media efforts. And on Tuesday, March 24,

These five panelists will hit the stage at the 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising and immediately SHIFT the way you view social media for nonprofits, online fundraising and online networking. How? Their backgrounds speak for themselves.

If you are a fundraising professional, work for a nonprofit or volunteer for a charity, then you’ve heard the name “Beth Kanter.” Not only is she the co-author of best-selling books, “The Networked Nonprofit” and “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” but she is also an internationally renowned nonprofit trainer and runs one of the longest and most popular nonprofit blogs on the market. Following her on Twitter @kanter will give you daily (nearly hourly) insights on data-informed nonprofits, online giving, how to improve your Facebook page, online graphics to show your nonprofit data and training tips. And if nothing else, you’ll recognize her by that red cowboy hat.

beth ewire

Joining the panel is Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. She is the first woman to lead Save the Children and focuses on creating lasting change in the lives of more than 125 million children in need in the US and 120 countries around the world. Already during her time with Save the Children, she doubled the number of children the organization reached with food, educational and other programs, and she helped grow the organization’s budget from $140 million to more than $550 million.

How did she do it? With the power of social media for social good. She shares the hardships and successes of Save the Children through pictures that she posts on her social media outlets, proving that not only do pictures speak a thousand words, but they can also bring in thousands of dollars to charities.

carolyn miles ewire

@carolynsave: Having fun despite the hardships after #TyphoonHaiyan – the kids here in #Philippines r amazingly resilient.”

Her blog shows her journey to “saving the children” around the world, and keeps her connected in an online world.

Joining her in the ranks of using social media for social change is Ben Rattray (@brattray), who, at the young yet wise age of 27 founded and launched—all from the comfort of his own home. is the world’s largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. New York Times called “the go-to site for Web uprisings”, and with more than 58,540,000 people currently taking action, we’d have to agree. Rattray wants to give people the power to be persuasive on whatever they’re passionate about—petitions on anything from freeing an innocent father, passing the TEACH act and putting plus-size princesses in Disney movies are featured on Rattray’s petition site. started as a social network for social activism before evolving into a petition platform that reaches more than 45 million users across 196 countries. With Rattray’s experience with, he has the expertise and passion to help you tell your nonprofit’s story and to get the world involved in your mission. 

ben r ewire

These three panelists are coming together to join the masterminds behind this session—the co-founders of Social Media for Nonprofits, Darian Rodriguez-Heyman (@dheyman) and Ritu Sharma (@ritusharma1). Social Media for Nonprofits is the world’s only conference series dedicated to social media for social good—focusing on sharing practical tips and tools for fundraising, marketing and advocacy with nonprofit decision-makers. Traveling to more than eight major cities in the U.S., Sharma spearheads the conference and presents her own session for social media beginners on “Leveraging Social Media for Nonprofit Events.”

Though they are experts in using social media for social change, they recognize the need for beginner and intermediate teachings. With social media constantly evolving, everyone is essentially a beginner in some aspect. Rodriguez-Heyman hosted a session on “Fundraising with Social Media” at the 2013 AFP International Conference on Fundraising and appeared on Nikki’s Notes , talking about how social media trends are constantly changing—you never know what’s coming next.

darian ewire ritu ewire

But if we COULD forecast what was next in social media for social change, it would come from these five social media experts. SHIFT how you use social media, the internet, and new technologies to get your message across, raise more money for your cause, make a change and impact the world. Join the ranks of these experts on Tuesday, March 25 from 1:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. in San Antonio, Texas.

Join the conversation online—because clearly, that’s what this panel would want us to do. Use the hashtag #afpSHIFT and tell us how you’re shifting your social media efforts in 2014 for social change.  

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