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Sector Monitor—So Where Are We Now?

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According to the July edition of Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor, charity leaders are not as pessimistic about the future as they were in the past couple of years, yet they continue to be challenged by a variety of financial and organizational pressures.

It’s been a slow recovery since the economic downturn in 2008.  Everyone has felt it, but the goal of the Sector Monitor program is to provide nonprofit leaders with current information about the ongoing health of the sector.  A total of 1,909 leaders of registered charities responded to this edition of the online survey conducted between November 7, 2012 and January 4, 2013.


1 – The previous trend of a decline in confidence levels appears to have stopped.

  • The percentages of leaders predicting increases in revenues, expenditures, and paid staff have not continued to drop.
  • Similarly, the percentages of leaders predicting that they will be stronger in the near-and medium-term have not continued to drop.

2 – However, the trend of increasing financial pressures appears to be continuing. The percentage of leaders saying that their organization will have difficulty covering expenses at some point between four months and a year into the future has continued to increase.

3 – The level of confidence in the future varies with organizational stress and predicted capacity to deliver on mission.

  • Leaders of charities showing indications of organizational stress are more likely to predict increased demand and to predict that they will be less able to carry out their missions in the future.
  • Leaders of under-stress charities are also more likely to predict decreases in human and financial resources, as are leaders of charities who predict decreasing relative capacity.

In future editions, Sector Monitor will seek to further highlight and disentangle the factors that impact organizational stress, access to resources and predicted capacity so that stakeholders have a better understanding of the specific challenges faced by specific subsets of the charitable sector.

Read the full report:

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