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The Bridge Conference Takeaways Continue (Part Two)

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Read Part One: We Crossed the “Bridge” and Found a Ton of Nonprofit Takeaways on The Other Side

Did you really think ten takeaways would cover the gamut of the 2013 Annual Bridge Conference? With an array of offerings among 13 tracks—Direct Marketing & Fundraising, Multi-Channel Success, Major Gifts & Planned Giving, Digital: Web, E-mail, Social & Media and more—we were bound to walk away with more insights, how-to’s, free samples and guidance than we could fit into one article!

Adding to the infographics, presentations, free checklists, whitepapers, articles and more from last week is another set of insider takeaways that make you wish you had been there. Let them inspire you, guide you and ultimately enhance your nonprofit career! 

1.)   A simple “thank you” goes a long way—donors who received a ‘thank you’ video prior to year-end show a larger response rate and even and increase in their average gift. Get started on those “thank you’s” now—the end of the year is nigh!

2.)   A panel consisting of speakers from Membership Development and Advocacy, National Parks Conservation Association and the ASPCA provided sample control packages that are successful in keeping acquisition programs striving. Use them as a guide for your organization’s packages—check out the full presentation here.

3.)   Who doesn’t have lapsed donors? A panel representing speakers from the Arbor Day Foundation, AARP and The Nature Conservancy provided seven secrets to reactivating those lapsed donors. This is a secret worth sharing!

4.)   Randall Anderson—chief operating officer at Listen Up Espanol—doesn’t want you to miss the boat on the Hispanic giving market. Get guidance straight from his presentation with this live clip.

5.)   Unique tidbit: Animal organizations’ acquisition mailings that feature dogs generally perform better than packages with cats. Do you know what peaks your donors’ interests on acquisition mailings? It’s a question of “this or that”—do some research on your graphics to see which is the winner.

6.)   An observer in the Solutions Showcase perused the award-winning direct marketing fundraising packages (MAXI Awards) and noticed that they were missing something essential. Click here to find out what…

7.)   The four major pillars of your website strategy should be: 1. Goals + Audiences; 2. Content + Structure; 3. Design; 4. Technology. Does your website follow these guidelines? It’s also important to rethink your website every three years—when’s the last time you had a complete overhaul?

8.)   Don’t be afraid to ASK—@emilyrobinsn says that 30 percent of donors would make a bequest, or at least consider it, if they were asked. But first, you must actually ask!

9.)   Work across the “boarders” for success—@toribundy passes on the advice to, “Invite a corporate CEO on to your board as a tactic to acquire their company down the line as a corporate sponsor.” Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

10.)   It’s that simple! A snapshot from @redengine shows you the four most important aspects in planning a fundraising budget.

Hopefully this will tide you over until next year! If you’re interested in creating some of the top takeaways for the 9th Annual Bridge Conference, July 9-11, 2014, make sure to submit a proposal to speak by October 4. 

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