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Ten Things You Might Have Missed (July 17, 2013)

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it, especially over the holidays. Here are some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Millennials challenge status quo by redefining charity within the sector (PhilanthropyJournal): Some may call millennials “lazy”, but maybe they’re just particular and are actually driven with passion. Hear their side!

2.     21 Stupid Things You Can Stop Doing [Infographic and Recording] (NonprofitMarketingGuide): Stop breaking your back and getting nowhere! Cut these 21 “stupid” things and you’ll be better off.

3.     Building a Strong, Compelling and Consistent Case for Support (CampbellandCompany): Four steps to help you build a case for support that will actually gain you…support!

4.     About High Fundraising Costs: It’s Complicated (ChronicleofPhilanthropy): You’ve got to spend money to make money in the long run. But nonprofits have got to explain WHY they’re spending.

5.     Half Of All Fundraisers Flee (TheNonprofitTimes): A panel from the AFP International Conference on Fundraising discusses why there’s such a large CDO turnover, and how to nip it in the bud!

6.     Thanks for Asking (npEngage): Do you REALLY know how your donors feel about you? Are you asking? Please do—it could make a big difference!

7.     Could American Donors Be More Generous? (ThinkAdvisor): How do we get American’s above that two percent of giving increase? Can we push to just three percent by 2014?

8.     Should interviewers report ethical violations revealed in an interview? (AskAManager): Ethical dilemmas are all around, especially when it comes to revealing donor information.

9.     How to Find a Charity Worthy of Your Donation (Nonprofit.About): With over a million IRS-registered charities, how do you choose which one to give to? Here’s some help to break it down!

10.  More Tips to Involved Your Board and Board Members in Fund Development (NonprofitQuarterly): Ten tips to keep that board engagement rolling along! Utilize your board members for your fund development.

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