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Join your fellow fundraisers, nonprofits and AFP Members on LinkedIn and get involved in the discussions! You may find that you can provide direction to a peer, or even learn something for yourself. Scroll through the discussions on AFP IHQ’s official group – On Fundraising.

I bet you have some thoughts on whether a development director should be paid more than an executive director. Or, maybe you’ve recently started development for a small shop and have experience with software packages, whether from DonorSnap, DonorPerfect, NetSuite or a completely different package.

Are you a corporation that has had to endure the registration process to get started in cause marketing? At some point or another you’re bound to have celebrated an anniversary, and possibly even had to raise funds for said anniversary celebration—share the wealth! The knowledge, not the funds—unless you’re feeling especially generous. Whatever your nitch, you are sure to be able to assist a fellow-fundraiser (or non-fundraiser!) and give direction on the topic they’re seeking. Stop by the virtual discussion at On Fundraising and be someone’s hero!

Use Our Sounding Board

Instead of stopping by to lend an “ear” and expertise, feel free to pose your own discussion and question! Don’t be shy—several discussions pop-up each day, all looking for some insight from their peers. Use On Fundraising as a sounding board and ask a question on whatever may be plaguing you or your organization, whether nonprofit or for-profit. Let your peers guide you to a better decision based on their first-hand experiences.

So, don’t be shy—speak up, share and let your inner “Ask Alice” shine! 

Trending – On Fundraising

Here’s what’s being discussed this week—jump in to the conversations!

Cause marketing - anyone have any experience on the corporate side and what they need to do to register?
We are getting started in Cause marketing and have learned that there are nine states that require registration by both the nonprofit and the corp. We are working with our fundraising registration company to register ourselves, but does anyone know what the companies have to do to register?

Looking for a school based donor management database. Any suggestions or recommendation?
What to look for and what to avoid.

What information do foundations/corporations look for when they visit a non-profit’s website?
After 6+ years, my non-profit is redesigning its website. I have five days to develop a list of “what they [foundations/corporations*] might use the website for and what feature might help them to accomplish their task.” Although I will be reviewing my collection of articles and handouts as well as the AFP website and discussion forum for this information, I also seek your collective wisdom.

ELECTRONIC/SOCAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS: What book, seminar, website or other resource would you recommend as a 'must-read' in preparing for an online campaign?

Did you attend the AFP IHQ Conference in San Diego? Which were your favorite sessions?
I am buying some audios and would love your recommendations? What were the sessions and speakers NOT TO MISS??

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