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Using Chinese Auction Websites As Your Next Special Event

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Fundraising is an all-encompassing, brain extending, full time job involving a lot of time and effort. Because of the numerous wonderful causes that can use your donations to further their amazing work, many fundraisers have implemented new and exciting venues to encourage people to donate. One such idea, of course, is the use of fundraising websites.  

Custom websites allow you to add on enhanced functionalities beyond your wildest dreams. A perfect example might be a donor website that would allow for the building of ads for your online journal. We all know the pains it takes to put together a journal. Just imagine if your donors can actually build their online ad for your journal through an easy-to-use interface.

A website like this can even save you time and money and take some of the grunt work off your plate. We recently finished a donor website for a local school,, and the organization had a very successful donor and fundraising campaign, all while saving time and money.

Another great example of a website that can help raise funds is a Chinese auction website.  A Chinese auction is a combination of raffle and auction commonly used by a fundraiser.  At a Chinese auction each prize has its own virtual raffle box and all donors are compiled into a separate drawing for each prize/raffle box. A Chinese auction differs from the standard auction because at the Chinese auction the bidders aren't prospective buyers, rather they buy raffle tickets to increase their chances of winning that prize.

Creating Your Online “Special Event”

Creating a Chinese auction website gives viewers all around the world a chance to view the prizes and decide which prize(s) attract their interest.  At the bottom of each prize item or prize page you can implement the 'add to cart' feature enabling people to easily choose which prizes they fancy.  They can then browse through their shopping bag to add or remove prizes or even change the quantities of the amounts of tickets they would like placed towards that prize.

You also have the option of providing background information about the cause that you are fundraising for. It's a great idea to offer some sort of 'choose what you want for your money to support option. It’s a good way to get your visitors involved in the myriad elements your organization deals with.

Additionally, people appreciate knowing exactly how their contribution is assisting! Say someone wishes to purchase 100 dollars in prize tickets—provide the opportunity for them to choose exactly how their 100 dollars will be allocated. It can be a donation of a couple of books to the school library, toys for a sick child, meals for a needy family, etc. Any assistance that your organization offers, or that your school needs, can be listed! This may encourage people to donate more than they planned when they see how the costs of the good you are doing really add up.

When creating your website, you will have the option to choose a design with the graphics that best suit the prize offers and that best create the effect you want to portray.  You can also choose to display the prize offers to suit your taste.  You can choose to portray all on one page, a couple per page or even in a book format by placing one prize per page with arrow markings to 'turn' to the next page.   You can also customize the purchasing function to create an easy and navigable process so as not to lose any potential benefactors. 

You can find some sample Chinese auction websites on our portfolio page located at All the examples and organizations here had successful campaigns that raised thousands of dollars. Most organizations make this an annual event as part of their fundraising efforts. Each year they mix up the theme and include different prizes.

If you're looking for your next solid fundraiser, get onboard! Or, should I say, get online and start raising those needed dollars through your next website. A Chinese auction website is a fantastic way to maximize your fundraising campaign!

David Adress is CEO of Bitochon Technologies, a website and internet marketing firm. For more information you can email David at or call him at 718-576-2280.

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