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Instagram Makes Waves in the Nonprofit World

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I know what you’re thinking, “Do I really need another social media application?” With the ever-growing outreach of Instagram, including 90 million monthly active users, and the inspiration through the capture of a simple picture, it’s safe to say this is a social media venture you want to be a part of.

Since the start of Instagram in 2010, the application has expanded to users with iPhones, Androids and most recently the web! IG specific hashtags help users discover both photographs and each other. Nearly 17,000 photos have been contributed to the hashtag: #nonprofit.

For a starting point, check out some of the most inspiring nonprofits on IG, including charity: water (@charitywater), The United Nations Foundation (@unfoundation), The United Nations Children’s Fund (@unicefusa) and Show Hope (show_hope).

Beth Kanter says of IG, “Visual marketing is becoming an important part of the online marketer’s took box – especially because images are global, easy to digest, and distributable.” For more of Kanter’s insight on IG and how it’s a useful nonprofit marketing tool, go here.

A nonprofit software company, Sumac, finds IG to be a “great way to connect with the global community and raise awareness for your cause.” For a breakdown on how nonprofits are using IG and how you can use it for your organization and to reach donors, go here.

Need more inspiration? Try AFP’s photo-a-day challenge!

IG March Calendar

Follow @AFPIHQ and re-post the March Photo-a-Day calendar tailored for fundraisers, nonprofits, charities, next geners & all creative individuals! Here’s how:

  • On March 1 – Post AFP’s March Photo-a-Day Calendar so your followers know what to expect to see from you each day.
  • Follow the theme each day and post a picture that corresponds. Get creative! Make sure to hashtag your photo as #afpmarchphotoaday1 (include the number of the corresponding date; so March 1 = #afpmarchphotoaday1, March 2 = #afpmarchphotoaday2, and so on).
  • Become the “best photo-of-the-day”! All pictures that are hashtagged with the corresponding date will be placed in a bucket and the one with the most “likes” at the end of the day will be feature on AFP’s social media outlets the next morning! AND…
  • At the end of the month, the overall “best photo-of-the-day” with the most likes throughout the month will win a new Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera!

So sign-up, get creative, engage and inspire your followers and get picture-happy!

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