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Ten Things You Might Have Missed (February 5, 2013)

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here’s some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.     Trend Spotter: Raising money for your nonprofit organization (PhilanthropyJournal): If you haven’t already, time to amp up your Special Events! They’re proving effective in reaching fundraising goals.

2.     The Social Business Textbook (spredfast): A whitepaper that provides a standard curriculum for social media professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of social marketing practices.

3.     19 ways to engage your nonprofit’s Facebook fans (Socialbrite): Get your followers involved!

4.     4 creative ways to personally thank your nonprofit supporters (FirstGiving): Get personal!

5.     Read Bill Gates’ Annual Letter for 2013 (FastCo.Exist): In Gates’ yearly letter, he focuses on the impending deadline for the Millennium Deveopment Goals and what it will mean when we don’t hit them all.

6.     10 Things Every Organization Should Do to Enhance Donor Loyalty (FundraisingSuccessMag): Helping build an effective program that fosters retention.

7.     Can You Sum Up Your Charity’s Work in One Simple Tag Line? (TheChronicleofPhilanthropy): Before you perfect your elevator speech, start with your tag line!

8.     Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit (DonorDreams): In a world where social media runs rampant, a social media specific policy is a must.

9.     Telephoning Works (TheAgitator): Yes, the old age tactic of picking up the phone and calling your donors does still work.

10.  The 7 Deadly Sins of Fundraising (FutureFundraisingNow): Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride – they’re no friends of fundraising!

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