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Ten Things You Might Have Missed (January 8, 2013)

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There’s so much information online that you’re bound to have missed some of it. Here’s some of the top items, articles and ideas you need to know so you can keep up-to-date and find success.

1.  6 Ways Brands Can Leverage Google Plus Communities (socialfresh):
While it often was used as the punch line of flame internet jokes, Google+ may have the last laugh, especially Google+ Communities. Learn how to use these to enhance your message.

2.  Washington Can Benefit From Social Business Leadership Principles (Huffington Post Business):
Anyone watching Congress these past weeks can't help but agree they need help. Perhaps it is time for our politicians to study successful social business leaders and take a lesson.

3.  20 top web design and development trends for 2013 (.net):
Top industry figures tell us about the web design and development trends we should be mindful of in 2013.

4.  Show, Tell and Involve: Fundraising Fundamentals for a New Era of Philanthropy (Huffington Post):
Today's challenging economy has brought a new reality into clear focus for nonprofits: organizations that rely on fundraising dollars must be more creative than ever before in terms of engaging donors, demonstrating strong impact and communicating value.

5.  Get Inspired: 5 Actually Useful Pinterest Boards You Should Create (The Daily Muse):
Yes, puppies and your crafting projects are cute. But Pinterest can actually be an invaluable tool for your career.

6.  6 Things Really Powerful Leaders Do (Inc.):
Not everyone is ready or willing to lead. Here are six things you'll need to master if you truly want to move the masses.

7.  7 ways to increase your nonprofit’s donations (Socialbrite):
Acquiring a new donor is more expensive than keeping a current donor. Here are seven ways to retain your best donors.

8.  Turning Lame Letters into Donor Delight (Nonprofit Marketing
You cultivate, woo and work hard to get that donation, yet your thank-you letters are lame. No more excuses—learn how to delight your donors, not deflate them!

9.  10 prerequisites for a successful campaign (The NonProfit Times):
In his book “Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign,” Kent E. Dove offers the 10 prerequisites for success for any capital campaign.

10.  New Report: Philanthropy of Megabanks Mediocre, Lacks Transparency (NCRP):
Four of the nation's largest banks spend billions of dollars on lobbyists and PR campaigns to boost public image and tout generous philanthropic initiatives but a closer look at their track record shows unverifiable, lackluster giving.


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