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AFP eWire - Vol.14, Num.34
August 27, 2014
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This Week on Nikki's Notes:
Appealing to the Baby Boomers in a Millennial World

Nikki's Notes

In a world with an abundance of technology, Baby Boomers still prefer direct mail. So how does an organization like AARP find the perfect balance in a Millennial world? David Whitehead, chief development officer for both AARP and AARP Foundation, says you must appeal to your current demographic, while still staying current in order to attract the next generation. Here's how!

NEW! AFP Hot Topic: Benchmarks

You asked, so we created. After a number of requests for benchmarking resources, we figured it was time to create one go-to place. Thus the Benchmarks Hot Topic Page was born! Find resources on how to compare your organization with others like yours. Get the fundraising tools you need to calculate your cost to raise a dollar (CTRD), your return on investment (ROI), your donor retention rates and growth in giving ratio. Do it all, with the new Benchmarks Hot Topic Page!

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Top Stories

Want An Endowment? Plan For it—Ask For It.
The only real excuse for not having endowment donors is that you didn't ask. Don't let asking for an endowment gift intimidate you! Helen Monroe, head of Endowment Development Institute, gives you a step-by-step process (and a free checklist!) for every aspect of 'the ask'—from identifying the donor, to your plan of attack, to your successful ask.

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AFP Q&A: End of Year Major Gifts—What's Your Next Step?
Rested and relaxed from summer? With school back in session, it's time for a lesson in year-end fundraising. Do these sound like questions you're asking yourself: Is it too late to raise major gifts this year? What can we do now to ensure our donors give major gifts this year, next year, and for years to come? If so, ask Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE! Send in your questions now on year-end major gifts, and then tune in to AFP Q&A on Sept. 17 @ 1 pm EDT for Amy's answers on building your final 2014 plan of attack!

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Fundraising News

AFP Webinars

A Cautionary Tale of Financial Mismanagement
Crisis happens. As much as you work to avoid it, it happens. But the fact that it happened isn't the demise of your nonprofit. How you handle it is the real deciding factor. Learn what to do, and not to do, in a crisis situation. (Maryland Nonprofits)

How the ALS #IceBucketChallenge Went Viral
Likely the most successful viral campaign of the year—generating over $62 million in donations to date—the ALS #IceBucketChallenge took off, with no major plans or campaign. Or, was it calculated after all? Here's how aspects of the challenge were planned perfectly to help it go viral—aspects that YOU could adapt to your next campaign. (Media Cause)

Canada Anti-Spam Legislation Talking Points in English and French
Canada's new (and complicated) Anti-Spam Legislation, which came into force on July 1, applies to commercial electronic messages that are either sent from, or accessed on, a computer system in Canada. AFP urges you to contact members of Parliament and Senators to exempt electronic communications sent by, or on behalf of, registered charities, or at least provide clear and consistent interpretations for registered charities. To help in these efforts, we've armed you with talking points in English and French!

Top Ten: 6 Signs of a Well-run Nonprofit Organization
Learn about this topic and more in this week's top ten, including stories and tips on how "slactivists" aren't so bad after all, which digital campaign tools you should be using (and the ones you should be forgetting), how to inspire action from tragedy, who is making the 'overhead' pledge (and how you can too!), how to cash-in on #GivingTuesday, what a nonprofit infographic should look like (and do) and why your nonprofit needs to be using LinkedIn! Read more.

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AFP Central—AFP Programs, News and Services You Need to Know

AFP and The Globe and Mail to Publish National Philanthropy Day® Supplement
AFP and The Globe and Mail are at it again! Together we will publish a special supplement on Nov. 14 honouring National Philanthropy Day® and the incredible work charities across Canada perform every day. Information about the supplement, including the deadline for reserving ad space, can be found here.

2015 Skystone Partners Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy
Have you read a good fundraising book lately? Or have you written one that was published between Dec. 1, 2012 and Nov. 1, 2014? If so, here's your cue to submit for a chance to earn the 2015 Skystone Partners Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy—a $3,000 cash prize and recognition at the 2015 AFP conference in Baltimore! Check out the criteria and details here.

New! Free AFP Information Exchange Paper for Members
A Step-by-Step Primer on How to Obtain Large Government Grants for Nonprofits (Part 2), by Cathy Cessna, RDH, MPA, CFRE & Charles B. Vincent, J.D.
There are many steps to applying for large government grants, each step equally important to securing the funding your organization needs for growth. These papers seek to outline, step-by-step, the general process inherent in obtaining these grants.
Read Part 2
  | Read Part 1
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AFP Career Center Article for August:

YOUR CAREER: Ready, Set, Retire?

By Jacklyn P. Boice

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