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July 2, 2014
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This Week on Nikki's Notes:
The Ultimate Inspiring Fundraiser and Philanthropist!

Nikki's Notes

He is one of the most noted fundraisers of all time, so it was only fitting that Jerry Panas was awarded the AFP Chair's Award for Outstanding Service at the 2014 AFP conference. We were lucky enough to catch up with Jerry before he delivered yet another inspiring speech, where we learned which of his 19 (19!) books is his favorite, and how being a fundraiser is just instilled in him. Take some inspiration from one of the most inspiring in the field!




Free AFP Member Webinar: Giving USA 2014: Looking Back, Gazing Ahead

AFP, Blackbaud and The Giving Institute are partnering to bring you this free webinar delving into the data, the trends, and the tools that Giving USA 2014 offers. You MUST sign up in order to participate, and we'll take the first 500 registered people to sign in on the day of the presentation. FYI: You'll listen through your computer, NOT your phone!

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Top Stories

Debunking the "Willie Sutton Theory:" How to Find Businesses That Will Support Your Nonprofit
In her recent workbook, Raise More Money from Your Business CommunityThe Workbook, Linda Lyskowski, ACFRE, helps you pinpoint the businesses in your community that you can (and should!) make an effort to partner with. Use the (FREE!) printables provided for each step and create that path to a new business partnership. Start by clicking here!

Institute of Fundraising Guest Blog: Pride, by Andrew Watt, FInstF
AFP President and CEO Andrew Watt, FInstF, doesn't classify himself as a fundraiser, but since 1993 he has served the fundraising profession. Why? Because Andrew thinks fundraising is a key driver of the impact we have on society, on our environment, on the lives we touch. Fundraising is a critical part of who he is and he's proud of it! Read more.

Nomination Period Begins for Chapter Diversity, AFP Leadership Awards 
The Charles R. Stephens Award recognizes chapters for their outstanding work in encouraging diversity and inclusion, while the Barbara Marion Award honors an AFP member for his or her volunteer work for AFP and the profession at the local, national and international levels. Nomination forms can be found here: Barbara Marion | Charles Stephens. The deadline for each is Aug. 15.

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Fundraising News

Charities Try New Strategies as Fundraising Rebounds
You know the saying, "you have to spend money to make money?" Charities in 2013 proved that this is true. Nonprofits are offering new incentives to give, and innovation is the sector's new weapon. (The Chronicle of Philanthropy) Read more.

AFP and The Globe and Mail to Publish National Philanthropy Day® Supplement
AFP and The Globe and Mail are at it again! Together we will publish a special supplement on Nov. 14 honouring National Philanthropy Day® and the incredible work charities across Canada perform every day. Information about the supplement, including the deadline for reserving ad space, can be found here.

Top Ten: Reinventing The Ask: Fundraising in the Digital Age
Learn about this topic and more in this week's top ten, including stories and tips on using the "front page of the internet" (reddit) to get your nonprofit's message out, how to live in a Millennial's fundraising world, what's happening with health philanthropy, how to prepare for a social media outbreak (like the #nomakeupselfie), why you should use the elements (and seasons) when building your campaign and what to do NOW to prepare for year-end fundraising appeals. Read more.

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Want to Get Involved in AFP's Youth in Philanthropy Programs?
One of the key objectives under AFP's 2014-2016 strategic plan is "Inclusion and Influence." As a part of that initiative, our goal is to "attract and retain the next generation of diverse professionals in fundraising careers." In order to do so we need to be more effective in reaching student in grades K-12—but before we can reach them we need YOU to get involved! Please take two minutes to answer three questions about your involvement and interest in the future of philanthropy and fundraising.

I Give Because...
By now you have probably heard about (and seen) the AFP Foundation's new campaign: BE the CAUSE. (You haven't!? What are you waiting for? Click here!) At the 2014 AFP conference, donors stopped by the AFP Foundation booth to put their best face (and cause!) forward. Check out the pictures and inspiring reasons why these donors give. Want to tell the world why YOU give? Visit the BE the CAUSE toolkit and download the Placecard!

NEW Free AFP Information Exchange Paper for Members:
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Today’s nonprofit website is more important than ever. This white paper provides practical tactics and tips to build a strong nonprofit website in the new media age
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Developing a Relationship Management System
(July 10, 1:00—2:30 p.m. E.T.)

Alert! This is NOT a software program! This is a people-program—
creating a relationship management system in your office. Having a healthy workplace is the key to a successful organization, and Jen Filla, president of Aspire Research Group, is eager to get your organization to a happy place. By the end of this webinar you will have created your own relationship management system, and you'll be well on your way to a happier and more successful organization! Register now!

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Job Listings/Resources

AFP Career Center Article for July:

YOUR CAREER: After the Interview
By Pamela A. Cook, ACFRE, and Andrew Kaufteil, J.D.
There are myriad articles and books available to assist in interview preparation, many of which provide sample questions and answers. However, less has been written about what to do after the interview. Read more.

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