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AFP eWire - Vol.13, Num.44
October 30, 2013
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This Week On Nikki's Notes:
Catching Up with Andrew Watt!

Nikki's Notes

Where's he been? How is HE celebrating National Philanthropy Day? Catch up with AFP President and CEO Andrew Watt on this week's Nikki's Notes!




The Fight for Tax Reform is Not Over—Join Us Nov. 20!

Save The Date! The fight for tax reform is not over, and you can make a big difference. On Nov. 20 representatives from the nonprofit sector are invited to meet with policymakers and their staff. Voice your passion! Learn more.

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Top Stories

NPD Instagram
A fellow AFP member gets creative with Fall elements and spells out N-P-D with leaves at McBride Park in Vancouver, Canada.

Where in The World is N-P-D?
Be a part of the movement to take N-P-D around the world—spell it out! Get creative, pass it on, craft it to spark a conversation about what NPD means, and most importantly—don't forget to tag #npdlove on Instagram!
Learn more.

Planning, Learning and Igniting: Filling the Conference Gap for Cause Innovation
In any sector, innovation is one of the hardest things to begin thinking about—to get outside of the box—especially when it comes to an annual special event. AFP will be running occasional articles about innovation in all aspects of the nonprofit sector—here's one specifically on creating a charity conference. Read more!

AFP Blog: Countdown to NPD Impact
Just one of the many celebrated Fall and Winter holidays, National Philanthropy Day is a favorite of AFP's President and CEO, Andrew Watt. Philanthropy is celebrated across the world, so we're taking NPD from the local chapter level to the global level. Join the movement of impact challenges, and change the world with a giving heart. Read more!

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There Is Still Time To Order Your Custom NPD Awards!

Visit the AFP Marketplace for all your AFP gifts and awards. Don
't see what you are looking for? No problem. You can submit a request for custom products, too. Visit the AFP Marketplace today for all your logo merchandise needs!

AFP 2014 Conference

Fundraising News

Newly Released Stelter Report: Metrics That Matter—The Links Between Advisors, Donors and Nonprofits
The Stelter Company's latest study reveals insights on how to build stronger relationships between nonprofit organizations and their donors. Surprising results find an entire community of advisors who are interested in building relationships with nonprofits on estate planning and planned giving issues. Find out how you can collaborate with this community! (The Stelter Company) Learn more.

Red Cross to Make Changes in Disaster Fundraising
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, criticism leads the Red Cross to become more transparent about gifts from donors. The organization looks to change the way it solicits gifts immediately after a disaster. (Yahoo.Finance) Read more.

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Top Ten: How To Replace Your Donors With Younger Donors
Learn about this topic and more in this week's top ten, including stories and tips on words that will strengthen your nonprofit messaging, why (and how!) you must mobilize your nonprofit's website by 2014, how to work the room at a fundraising event and the number one important aspect for your nonprofit—your brand! Read more.

Save The Date For The 7th Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising Latin America!

The Congress will take place on January 22nd, 2014 in Mexico City. In partnership with Tec de Monterrey, the AFP Hemispheric Congreso is the premier educational event on fundraising in Latin America. This program is for individuals associated with organizations looking to develop fundraising capacity in Latin America and Mexico For more information, visit here.

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AFP Webinars

AFP Central—AFP Programs, News and Services You Need to Know

AFP's 2012 Annual Report
Reflecting on 2012 and looking forward to the future, AFP looks at change and impact through advocacy, education and collaboration. Check out the new style (with standout infographics!) and hear from CEO and President Andrew Watt on how YOU—fundraisers—are helping us change the world. Read the report.

One Day Left to Earn an AFP Diverse Communities Scholarship
Halloween isn't just for tricks—it's for treats! Like the AFP Diverse Communities Scholarship. There are ten diversity scholarships available for the 2014 conference—but in order to earn one, you've got apply by tomorrow! It's painless, takes mere minutes, and you could be well on your way to San Antonio. Learn more.

2014 Skystone Partners Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy
Have you read a good fundraising book lately? Or have you written one that was published between Dec. 1, 2011 and Nov. 1, 2013? If so, here's your cue to submit for a chance to earn the 2014 Skystone Partners Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy! Check out the criteria and details here.

NEW! Free AFP Information Exchange Paper for Members:
Plugging Into The Necessities For Your Nonprofit
This white paper by ME&V points out basic principles a nonprofit development director should remember when starting or revising a development program. While some of the ideas pertain especially to new organizations, the lessons on planning, budgeting and assigning responsibility are important considerations for nonprofits of all ages.
Read the paper!
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Your Customer Creation Equation

Lights...Camera...AFP Action University!
AFP Action University Book Review (Video)—The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life, by Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma provides the keys to to help you get to your absolute best while helping your organization break through to a dramatically new level of success in these wildly uncertain times. Learn how to work with and influence people, regardless of your position, recognize and then seize opportunities, build a great team and become a true leader, and more!
Access this week's AFP Action University Book Review development tool (video and materials)
Learn more about Action University
• Want to discuss The Leader Who Had No Title? Join us on AFP2P!

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Effective Campaigns: The Design, Content and Delivery of
Effective Email Campaigns
(November 7, 1:00—2:30 p.m. E.T.)

Email fundraising has risen in popularity by 20 percent over the last year alone. And email is more than just a creative design and a discussion forum for your cause—it
's also a multi-channel ticket to engaging and retaining donors—and it's usually free! Derrick Feldman will show you how to make the biggest impact with one email—from the design, to the language, to when, where and how you sent it. Register now!

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