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AFP 2017 Contest Winners!

May 11, 2017

#selfiewithACFRE Contest!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 #selfiewithACFRE Contest in San Francisco. We had lots of great action shots of you grabbing random people wearing big shiny medallions and snapping pics! Everyone who posted a #selfiewithACFRE was put into a random drawing - and the winners are:

1. 2018 Conference Registration - Laura Amerman
2. Amazon gift card - Kisha Norris

Congratulations, Laura and Kisha! Alice Ferris will be reaching out to you regarding your prizes!

Winner Winner, Apple iPad Mini Dinner! Our AFP 2016 App Leaderboard Winners!

Thank you to everyone who made the AFP 2017 app a rousing (and rowdy) success! There were check-ins, pictures, posts and conversations galore. We had a blast following along and we hope you all did, too! There were 15 attendees who certainly had a good time on the app, and because of their ample activity they qualified for our prize drawing contest! Those Ferocious Leaderboard Fifteen at the close of conference Tuesday afternoon were (in order):

1.   Dave Tinker
2.   Ashley Forshee
3.   Javier Gonzalez
4.   Sabra Gallo
5.   Natalie Griffin
6.   Victoria Richards
7.   Mary Lee Walker
8.   Barbara Talisman
9.   Stephanie Maxwell
10. Derek Rumboldt-deLouche
11. Laura Amerman
12. Kelsey Cochrane
13. Chris LeBrun
14. Amy Hansen
15. Amanda Tipper

In addition, the AFPeeps and AFP staff have selected an additional five app-ers to enter into the drawing based on their stellar postings and engagement with the community in the Live Feed and Chat Channels. Points smoints - if you're good, you're good, and we noticed! These Fabulous 5 Facilitators were:

Jerry Diaz
B. Michael McFarland
Emily Reed
Josh Hirsch
Scott Fortnum

All 20 people were put into a hat (their names, not the actual people … the hat's not THAT big) and randomly selected for prizes by the prestigious accounting firm of Lily & Josie, My Two Daughters Inc. (they didn't peak, pinky-swear)! Drumroll please...

1. Apple iPad Mini - Ashley Forshee
2. Fitbit Wristband - Javier Gonzalez
3. $200 off Membership - Jerry Diaz
4. $100 off Membership - Victoria Richards
5. $75 off Membership - Sabra Gallo
6. $75 off Membership - B. Michael McFarland
7. $50 off Membership- Josh Hirsch
8. $50 off Membership - Kelsey Cochrane
9. $50 off Membership- Dave Tinker
10. $50 off Membership - Natalie Griffin
11. An Additional 30% Off Bookstore Purchases - Scott Fortnum
12. An Additional 30% Off Bookstore Purchases - Derek Rumboldt-deLouche
13. An Additional 30% Off Bookstore Purchases - Amy Hansen
14. An Additional 30% Off Bookstore Purchases - Amanda Tipper
15. An Additional 30% Off Bookstore Purchases - Emily Reed
16. An Additional 20% Off Bookstore Purchases - Chris LeBrun
17. An Additional 20% Off Bookstore Purchases - Stephanie Maxwell
18. An Additional 20% Off Bookstore Purchases - Barbara Talisman
19. An Additional 20% Off Bookstore Purchases - Mary Lee Walker
20. An Additional 20% Off Bookstore Purchases - Laura Amerman

Congratulations…and hold tight! We will be contacting you next week to get your prizes to you! Thanks again for making the conference such a success!

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