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AFP International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising (IADF)

Looking for high-level education that will help you create an organizational environment for fundraising success? The International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising (IADF) is a rigorous masters-level learning program designed to do just that, and will have you rethinking fundraising.

With AFP's International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising, you will:

  • Be immersed in a constantly-evolving curriculum featuring cutting edge academic fundraising theory and research.
  • Learn how to create the institutional environment that enables fundraising to flourish, leading to dramatically increased fundraising revenue and impact.
  • Enjoy close connections with fellow students and esteemed faculty including Professors Adrian Sargeant, Jen Shang, and Simone Joyaux.
  • Earn 45 CFRE continuing education points.

North Park University offers graduate credit toward their Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) degree to those students who successfully complete AFP's International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising program, through credit for three specific courses required for North Park's MNA program:

* SBNM 5680: Nonprofit Marketing Analysis and Consumer Behavior
* SBNM 5770: Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
* SBNM 5771: Annual Gift Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations 

Hear what makes the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising different from other learning courses, from IADF students Nowshad (Shad) Ali and Amy Smith:

Students Discuss AFP's IADF

Also read why Simone Joyaux, ACFRE, thinks you should take this course!
"My Experience with the International Advanced Diploma on Fundraising—I Chose to be a Guinea Pig, But Why!?" by Simone Joyaux, ACFRE. Simone's advice: Don’t wait until you are an "advanced fundraiser"—do it NOW! She wishes she had.


** See below for current registration opportunities. **

Course Details

  • Intensive, 600-hour, 12-month course
  • International curriculum developed in conjunction with the Institute of Fundraising and the European Fundraising Association.
  • Blended learning with both online/distance learning and two mandatory 3-day face-to-face teaching blocks. (Travel arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of participants.)
  • The course is intended for advanced fundraising professionals with comprehensive knowledge of all major forms of fundraising. Note that the IADF course does *not* teach fundraising.

Course Modules

  1. Module 1: Developing a Stakeholder Focused Organization
  2. Module 2: Integrated Marketing Communications
  3. Module 3: Strategic Fundraising Management
  4. Module 4: Developing a Philanthropic Society

Course Pre-Requisites, Knowledge Audit, and Student Handbook

The course is intended for advanced fundraising professionals who already possess comprehensive knowledge of all major forms of fundraising. The course does not teach fundraising, but rather how to create the institutional environment in which fundraising can flourish.

So, all prospective students must submit their CV and complete a Knowledge Audit prior to admittance to the course, to help assess their readiness for the challenge. See "How to Apply" section below for details about the process. 

Click here for the IADF Student Handbook, which outlines course modules, assignments, guidelines and expectations, etc.

Course Faculty

Course Fees

  • AFP Members - US$ 6,499
  • Non-Members - US$ 6,999
  • A payment plan is available. See the registration page for details.

Note: Course fees do not include the course textbook or any travel expenses related to the mandatory face-to-face sessions. Arrangements and related expenses are the responsibility of participants.


Course Schedule

• 2017 Cohort -- Runs April 2017 - March 2018. Click for the basic course schedule. Registration deadline is March 31, 2017.

• Note: Mandatory face-to-face teaching blocks are held at AFP IHQ's offices located at 4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300, Arlington, Virginia 22203, just outside of Washington, DC. Here's a list of nearby hotels.

How to Apply / Course Registration

Prospective students should follow these steps:

  1. Submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for review by the course director; this helps ensure candidates have a commensurate level of experience. Email the CV as a PDF or DOC attachment to, with subject line "Interested in IADF."  
  2. Once available, AFP staff or the course director will notify you about the results of the CV review. If you pass, you'll receive the "Knowledge Audit," which you must complete and submit for additional review. Email as a PDF attachment to, with subject line "IADF Knowledge Audit."
  3. AFP staff will notify you about the assessment of the Knowledge Audit. The entire review process may take several weeks.
  4. Register for the IADF course and pay the registration fee (payment plan is available). You are welcome to register early, but admittance to the course is dependent upon passing the course director's review of your CV and Knowledge Audit. In the event you register and your CV and/or Knowledge Audit is deemed not satisfactory, AFP will fully refund you.


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