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Financial Communication for Fundraisers Webinar

September 29, 2010


color accountingA meaningful knowledge of your organization's financial story will open doors and change the way you communicate with donors, colleagues and stakeholders. Financial literacy - and the powerful communication it inspires - is available in a few hours with the help of this Color Accounting® webinar. With this understanding in place, you can then begin to confidently explore and answer the financial questions that are important to your donors.  Upon completion of this seminar, participants know what financial statements are and appreciate the "big picture" that these statements create.

For information, call 703-519-8494 (direct) or 800-666-3863, ext. 494 (toll free), or email

Offered by AFP and Discovery Partnerships Inc.


September 29, 2010, 1-3pm EDT


Part I: Fundamentals of Financial Storytelling (2 CFRE credits)

Forget incomprehensible jargon and boring lecture.  In this experiential webinar you will go beyond surface understanding of basic financial concepts to discover a language-based framework for financial communication, a framework within which EVERY financial conversation falls.  Using the Color Accounting® framework, you will be able to quickly grasp and communicate the "big picture" of your nonprofit. 

Color Accounting® is a patented learning system designed by two right-brain accountants who have a passion for making financial information simple and easily accessible.  It has been used by respected organizations like Wharton Executive Education and piloted with underperforming Harvard MBA students.  This acclaimed learning system treats accounting as a language and learning it as a fun experience.  By using visuals, plain words, learning aids, discussion with colleagues, and a very exact and deliberate sequence of discovery, Color Accounting® accelerates your understanding of the language of finance and business and provides a foundation for clear thinking, communication and decision-making that alludes many.

This webinar is an excellent precursor to the live (i.e. classroom-based) 5-8hr Financial Communication for Fundraisers workshop that is currently available to AFP Chapters.  It is the springboard to a deep dive.

Note: Due to the 'workshop' nature of this webinar, it falls outside of AFP's regular webinar series.  As would be the case in the classroom-based workshop, participants will be using a physical toolkit of materials during the webinar to build their financial literacy.


Peter Frampton is a Chartered Accountant and former KPMG auditor. A sought-after educator with a passion for simplicity, Peter has trained at top law firms around the world, as well as at Morgan Stanley, UBS, KPMG, Harvard, PCAOB, FINRA, AICPA & many other organizations.


$199.00 per AFP member including all program material and $250.00 per non-AFP member including all program material


Call 703-519-8494 (direct) or 800-666-3863, ext. 494 (toll free), or email

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