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It’s Never Too Late to Give….or Send out a Year-End Giving Solicitation!

They say the holidays are a time for giving, and according to Alphonce Brown, ACFRE, that includes charitable giving as well. “December is a big month for nonprofit organizations,” Mr. Brown explains. “AFP’s fundraising surveys have proven this, and many organizations raise a substantial portion of their annual revenue in the last four to six weeks of the year.” And he should know.  

Brown is a past chairman of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (2005-2006) and a consultant to U.S. and international nonprofit organizations. He founded Docere Consulting, Inc. in July 2003 with the intent of providing service to traditional and non-traditional nonprofit organizations wanting to learn more about fundraising. He’ll be presenting his webinar, Year-End Fundraising…It is Still Not Too Late, on Nov. 28, from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.

“It’s never too late,” maintains Brown. “Ideally, your year-end campaign is in full swing, but we all know the sorts of challenges and last-minute obstacles we face. This presentation is all about what you can do—quickly—to implement some year-end fundraising tactics, including using social media and the Internet to get the message out.”

The biggest factor in fostering year-end campaigns comes as no big surprise: The Internet. “Develop a compelling direct mail piece and then use the Internet and email to reinforce the message,” he says. Brown believes that the Internet plays a pivotal role in year-end campaigning. The Internet allows for an instantaneous message and response, and at the end of the year every second (and dollar) counts.

“Online accessibility allows for immediate contributions,” he says. There has yet to be conclusive research on whether email, social media or text messaging is the best way to solicit donations. Brown hopes to have more to share during his webinar on Nov. 28.

Until then, Brown counsels fundraisers to never give up. “Persistence is the key!” he explans. He encourages fundraisers to, “continue to ask until the end of December.” His company plans to implement an email campaign on December 27, confirming his motto: “It’s Never Too Late.” Brown also encourages organizations to tap into the spirit of benevolence and generosity  that is commonplace during the holiday season and can boost year-end fundraising campaigns.

By the end of Brown’s webinar, Year-End Fundraising…It Is Still Not Too Late, on Nov. 28 at 1:00 p.m. EST, he hopes you’ll be motivated to allocate some time and energy to this concept, because you’ll reap the benefits in turn. “It’s an opportunity for folks to do one last significant appeal,” says Brown.

You won’t just walk away with the excitement to initiate your year-end campaign, you’ll also have a jump-start with templates for the sample letters of appeal that Brown will be sharing during the webinar. To point you in the right direction, he will also provide a model timeline for your year-end campaign so you can get started on THIS year’s year-end campaign. Because remember, it’s never too late!

Brown will examine simple and easy ways to maximize and increase year-end contributions through proven fundraising techniques. By participating in his webinar, you’ll gain practical ways to utilize the internet, especially with emails, to increase contributions. Additionally, you’ll learn the best ways to maximize giving from current supports through targeted direct mail appeals. All of this, sample takeaways, Brown’s insightful experience, and more, during his webinar on Nov. 28 from 1 – 2:30 p.m. EST. For more information, click here

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