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AFP California Valley

August 19, 2014

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Presenter: Nancy Palo from Blackbaud

Join us August 19th as we look at Crowdfunding with Nancy Palo, Senior Consultant on Strategic Services with a emphasis on peer-to-peer fundraising at BlackBaud.  Nancy brings more than 13 years’ experience in the event fundraising space and is passionate about providing non-profits innovative fundraising strategies to move their missions forward.  . Prior to joining Blackbaud in April 2012, Nancy worked at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in California and New York for eight years, raising more than $30 million through local peer to peer fundraising campaigns.

Crowdfunding enables community benefit organizations to leverage support from a wide variety of stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors, board members, and staff; it also provides space for testing what motivates different groups to give. In addition, it creates an opportunity to communicate with donors directly and describe the positive impact of their support.  Done via the internet, Crowdfunding enables you to fund a project by raising money from a large group of people in  a short a month of time.

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