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Leadership Society Members

June 10, 2016


Leadership Society members actively support the work of AFP, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada as board and committee members, mentors, and advisors. Members of the Leadership Society demonstrate sustaining commitments to the profession through their individual, cumulative giving of at least $10,000 and annual gifts of $1000 or more.

James H. Allen, ACFRE

Emilio Alonso-Mendoza, CFRE, JD

Helen B. Arnold, CFRE

Terry B. Axelrod

Ron Bailey, CFRE

William F. Bartolini, Ph.D., ACFRE

Joan V. Black, CFRE

Brian J. Bonde, ACFRE,

Alphonce J. Brown, ACFRE

Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE

Bob Carter, CFRE  

Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE

Mark Climie-Elliott, CFRE

Vincent F. Connelly

Catherine M. Connolly, CFRE

Stephanie Cory, CFRE

David M. Coyne, CFRE

Scott Decksheimer, CFRE

Michael D. Delzotti. CFRE

D. C. Dreger, ACFRE

David Disend, CFRE

Paul A. Dunne, CFRE

Lona M. Farr, Ph.D., ACFRE

Patrick J. Feeley, CFRE

Alice L. Ferris, ACFRE

Kevin J. Foyle, CFRE

Christine D. Fraser & Vincent E.

  Duckworth, CFRE

Paul M. Gardner, Ph.D

Amanda Gellman

Marshall H. Ginn, CFRE

Gary L. Good, CFRE

Pati Greenwood, CFRE

Margaret A. Guellich, CFRE

Lori Gusdorf, CAE

Ann M. Hale, CFRE

Bill Hallett, Ph.D., ACFRE

Robbe A. Healey, ACFRE

Les Helmuth, CFRE

Marnie Hill, CFRE

Suzanne Hittman

Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE

Alan R. Hutson, Jr., CFRE

Mark I. Kalish, CFRE

John Kelleher, CFRE

Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE

Martha M. Kirkland

Shauna Klein, MA

Barbara Larkin

Sharon LeeMaster, CFRE

Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE

Stephen M. Levy, CFRE

Tania Little, CFRE

Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

James K. and Claudia A. Looney, FAHP

Jaye Lopez Van Soest, CFRE

Harry Lynch, CFRE

David J. Madson, ACFRE

Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE

Richard K. Martin, CFRE

Andrea McManus, CFRE

Sen. Terry M. Mercer, CFRE

Thomas W. Mesaros, CFRE

Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE

Luce Moreau, CFRE

Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE

Gwenn M. and Mark A. Neville, CFRE

Joshua R. Newton, CFRE

Nicholas Offord

Mark S. Peterson, CFRE

Janice Gow Pettey, Ed.D., CFRE

Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE

Paul Pribbenow, Ph.D., CFRE

Nancy K. Racette, CFRE

Sandra Renner, CFRE

Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRE

Patricia Rich, ACFRE

Karen Rotko-Wynn,, CFRE

John J. Scales, CFRE

Cynthia L. Schmidt, CFRE

Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE, ACFRE,

  MInstF (AdvDip)

Becky and Philip G. Schumacher, ACFRE

Steven S. Smith, CFRE

Scott C. Staub, ACFRE

Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE

Paul J. Strawhecker, ACFRE

Don W. Taylor, CFRE

Lucinda and Andrew Watt, FInstF

David E. Wiercinski, CFRE

David P. Whitehead


Charter members appear in bold type.

Ω Omega Circle Members

Reported as of April 16, 2016

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