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Learn Your Fundraising Personality Type and Work with Donors, Colleagues More Effectively

December 2, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your colleague’s ideas are so different from yours?

Or why you relate to some donors very quickly, but with others it seems more difficult to build a relationship?

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy is partnering with TypeCoach to help you learn how to meet these and similar challenges.

TypeCoach offers programs throughout the world that focus on the practical application of personality type. A 20-minute interactive, video-based experience from TypeCoach leads you through the process of discovering and verifying your “best fit” type. You will receive a highly practical 5-page report that helps you move beyond type awareness into applications that strengthen your performance on a daily basis.

You reach TypeCoach by completing a brief (less than 5 minutes) survey that will help us explore how the personality types of AFP members relate to diverse aspects of fundraising management.

By completing both the member survey and the 20-minute TypeCoach experience, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from additional online training with the TypeCoach program at no charge to you.

Representatives from organizations such as Harvard University and Fidelity Investment have used TypeCoach to help them identify work styles and develop and adjust skills for communicating with different people.

In less than 30 minutes you can open exciting and rewarding doors that will enhance your performance and benefit your organization.

Start by taking the brief, five-minute survey. Then you’ll be taken to the TypeCoach page where you can log in and being your video-based experience to identify your “best fit.” Click here and you’re on your way!

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