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2014 Diversity Scholarships Campaign

January 15, 2014

The African American Diversity Scholarship Fund

African American Development Officers Network *

Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE*  Ω λ

AFP CA, Golden Gate Chapter

AFP FL, Central Chapter*

AFP GA, Greater Atlanta Chapter*

Adolphus Armstrong*

Mr. Daniel Blakemore, CFRE, MPA*

Vivian W. Brinson*

Alden F. Briscoe*

Birgit Smith Burton*

Charles E. and Johnnie L. Clark*

Brenda Hill Cole*

Debra Crespin

Ann Q. Curry*

David Disend, CFRE*

Lolita and Al Dufauchard*

Debbie Even*

Patrick J. Feeley, CFRE, MBA*  Ω λ

Lisa Fey*

Cheryl Franklin*

Lori Gusdorf, CAE* Ω λ

Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE*  Ω λ

Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE*  Ω

Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE*  Ω λ

Virginia L. Lewis*

Staci and Kevin Lynch*

Magnolia Chapter of the Links, Inc.*

Morehouse College English Department*

Thelma Mumford-Glover*

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Carol J. Numrich, CFRE*  Ω

Ashani O'Mard

Catherine D. Onyemelukwe, CFRE

Mr. Stephen E Peeler, BS

K. Joy Peters*

Robert Pierpont* Ω

Patricia Pogal*

Monique Moore Pryor

J. Diane Redd*

Melissa Ryan, CFRE*

Terry Shepard and Debra Thomas*

Curt Simic*

Skystone Partners*

Cevin Smithers*

Spelman College*

Steven Titlebaum, CFRE*

Trinity School*

George and Sharon White*

*Indicates memorial gift for the Charles R. Stephens Excellence in Diversity Award


The Gay, Lesbian Diversity Scholarship Fund

Patricia Broughton, CFRE

Debra Crespin

Travis N. Gray

Mr. John Huebler, CFRE

Jim McBride

Mr. Troy Alan Nuss

James. K. Phelps  Ω

Mary M. Schmidt

Bruce D. Seidel

Michael Slaymaker

Scott C. Staub, ACFRE  Ω λ


The General Diversity Scholarship Fund

AFP CA, Greater Los Angeles Chapter

AFP Canada Foundation

AFP MS, Mississippi Chapter

AFP OH, North Central Chapter

Karolo Aparicio, CFRE

Jim S. Armstrong, CFRE

Leyna Bernstein

Alden F. Briscoe

Y'Anad Burrell

Karen Caruso

Cheryl A. Clarke

Susan Corlett

Debra Crespin

David Disend, CFRE

Mr. Michael Edell, CFRE

Linda P Frank, CFRE

Ms. Wendy Horng Brawer, MPA

Brittany Janis, CFRE

Martha M. Kirkland  Ω λ

David J. Madson, ACFRE  Ω λ

Wendy Marinaccio

Nicole Medeiros, MA

Paola Gina Muggia Stuff

Sandra Renner, CFRE

Janice H. Rice, CFRE

Mary M. Schmidt

Rebecca Schuett

Elizabeth Seja Min

Gwen Sobolewski

Scott C. Staub, ACFRE  Ω λ

Barbara Stevenson

Barb Tieder

Amy Wolfe, CFRE  Ω

Janna Zeigler, CFRE

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