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Selecting The Right Board Members and Engaging The Members You Select

May 21, 2013

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada and Mackenzie Investments are sponsoring a webcast of June Bradham’s plenary session at AFP Banff Compass, Tuesday May 28th.

“We’ve hand-selected a session that we believe will be applicable to fundraisers but also to chief executives and volunteer leaders,” saysScott Decksheimer, Chair, AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada. “We invite all AFP Canada members to extend the invitation to others to participate and warmly thank Mackenzie Investments for their support of this special event.”

June Bradham, president of Corporate DevelopMint, shares valuable information she learned while researching her book, The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want. She reveals the things that are most important to experienced, effective board members as well as ways to increase their engagement and often, their giving. Invite your board to listen-in with you and learn how management and the board can work well together to achieve your organization’s goals.


Nonprofits understandably often ask a lot of their board members. But that "we need you to do X" approach carries the danger of becoming a one-way street that neglects the needs of the board members themselves. Addressing that danger is at the core of the first part of this presentation. June Bradham, CFRE and President of Corporate DevelopMint (right), outlines the truths she uncovered during her research for the popular book, The Truth About What NonProfit Boards Want. June will review what really matters to experienced, effective board members. And what she reveals will allow you respond to those concerns in a way that is virtually guaranteed to increase their engagement and, often, their giving. 
In addition, June will discuss how to really understand the kind of Board member you should be seeking. She will review strategic recruitment of Board members, a simple but powerful way to understand who you should be seeking for your board and why.  
This session will provide you with a wealth of information about one of the most important drivers of your nonprofit's success - the board. 
Time: May 28, 2013 
10:30am - 12pm MDT 
12:30pm - 2pm EDT 
Target Audience: Fundraisers, CEOs and board members of nonprofit organizations 
For more information, go to or contact

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