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Joining Alpha Society Makes It Easy to Give to the AFP Foundation

February 3, 2014

AFP members have the option to give to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy through a monthly giving program using electronic funds transfer: the Alpha Society.

With no checks, no envelopes and no hassles, members can elect to have their gift to the AFP Foundation transferred directly from their checking account or credit card every month.

The Alpha Society helps donors plan their giving by establishing a fixed monthly gift. Electronic funds transfer is also secure, efficient and lowers our administrative costs. It's a real win-win program.

Participants simply submit the Alpha Society pledge form, sign it, either include the credit card number or enclose a check for the first month's gift and mail or fax to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy.

A record of each gift will appear on the monthly statement issued by the participant's bank or credit card company. If at any time donors wish to increase, decrease or suspend their giving, they need only contact the Foundation in writing.

To enroll in the Alpha Society, simply submit the writeable Alpha Society Pledge Form and return it to:

AFP Foundation
4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203

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