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Process for Development of AFP Position Papers

The Association of Fundraising Professionals may from time to time choose to take positions on issues, professional practices, legislative/governmental matters and other concerns affecting its members, the profession, philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. When these positions become official statements of the Association, they are known as position papers. AFP position papers are developed from AFP study papers, discussed by the international assembly prior to board action. All AFP position papers are policy and therefore must be approved by the Association's board of directors prior to publication and distribution in accordance with the following:

Position papers are developed from study papers discussed by the international assembly prior to board action. The process is as follows:

  1. Ideas/subjects for study papers must be approved by the board of directors. The board may delegate this responsibility to the executive committee or a body selected for this purpose.
  2. Any board committee, subcommittee, task force, council, chapter or member may submit an idea/subject to the board for approval as a study paper.
  3. Study papers must be fully developed papers which include a summary statement, background, rationale and proposed Association position. They may be developed by the proposer, staff and/or others as requested by the president and CEO.
  4. Study papers will be discussed by the national assembly in forums or some other format that encourages comment, questions, and answers. Whenever possible, study papers will be distributed to the national assembly 15-30 days prior to discussion.
  5. Study papers will then be edited to reflect the international assembly discussion. At this point, they become proposed position papers.
  6. Proposed position papers will be distributed as such to the Association's membership.
  7. Board-approved position papers will be distributed as such to the Association's membership.
  8. Proposed position papers disapproved by the board will be returned to the emanating body which may request that the board allow resubmission of the subject.
  9. The board will periodically review position papers for continuing relevance, removing them from circulation as appropriate.

Current position papers are posted at the following: /Ethics/.

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