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AFP Strategic Plan 2007-2010


Following discussion at the January 2006 Executive Committee Retreat, a Strategic Planning Committee (roster listed in Plan document) was constituted to begin the development of a revised plan for the years 2007-2010.  Rather than start from scratch with a new process and plan, it was determined that we would take advantage of our existing divisional structure to review and refresh the 2004 - 2006 Strategic Plan. 

It was also agreed that AFP’s existing Core Ideology -  Purpose, Values, Mission and Vision – would not change.  Core Ideology clarifies what doesn’t change for an organization despite changes in the business environment.  AFP’s Core Ideology is set forth in the introductory section on the 2007 – 2010 Strategic Plan

An emphasis is being placed on clearly defining measurable outcomes for the goals and specific metrics to measure the outcomes.  The outcome statements are intended to define what success will look like when AFP has achieved the goal.  Defining the outcomes is critical to setting targets for the future. 

Metrics are the measures we use to determine our progress toward achieving the goal.  In order for the metrics to be meaningful we must be able to determine our current condition, i.e., what is our starting point?

Goals and Outcomes for 2007-2010

  1. AFP will develop more skilled, knowledgeable and ethical fundraising professionals
    • AFP members are considered to be better fundraisers as a result of knowledge gained through AFP educational offerings and resources
  2. AFP will promote effective, ethical, accountable fundraising as both a recognized profession and as an essential component of philanthropy
    • The fundraising profession will be viewed by the public, governments, donors and the sector as a vital part of the philanthropic process
  3. AFP will advocate for public policy based on principles important to AFP and the fundraising profession
    • Legislation and regulations are enacted that are favorable to AFP’s members, donors and the general public
  4. AFP will deliver optimal value to members
    • Chapters and the international headquarters will work together to deliver value for membership
    • Members will consistently rate their overall experience with AFP as exceeding expectations
  5. AFP will embrace and engage diverse individuals, groups and organizations within the fundraising profession.
    • AFP will be viewed as a leader in engaging diverse organizations and as the member organization of choice for diverse fundraisers
  6. AFP will increase its influence and presence worldwide
    • AFP will be a leader in establishing the most effective environment for fundraising communities worldwide by ensuring that a wide range of services is accessible to fundraisers outside North America

Follow the Attachment link below to read the entire plan.


AFP Strategic Plan 2007-2010 — PDF Format, 51476KB

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