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Ipsos Reid fact sheets on “What Canadian donors want” available for download

What Canadian Donors Want - Giving Levels (Fact Sheet #1)

Seven in ten (70%) of Canadians say they have made a financial donation to charity or a non-profit organization in the past twelve months. With:

•                Albertans (79%) and Atlantic Canadians (78%) being the most likely to say so.  Next is

•                Those living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (76%),

•                British Columbia (74%),

•                Ontario (70%), and

•                Quebec (56%).

Those in Quebec, as well as Ontario (to a lesser extent), are less likely to have made a financial donation in the past 12 months compared to those in other regions of Canada.  As the level of educational attainment increases so does the incidence of having given.

Seven in 10 indicate that they have been contacted to make a donation in the past 12 months.  Those in Quebec and those with lower levels of educational attainment are less likely to report having been approached. Older respondents and those with higher levels of income are more likely to indicate having been contacted for a charitable donation in the past 12 months. Overall, those in Quebec and Atlantic Canada have given more than they have been asked.

While there is no significant difference in having made a financial donation in the past 12 months by gender, there is a direct correlation between increasing age/income and having given. Canadians over the age of 55 are most likely (83%) to have donated, followed by those aged 35 to 54 (67%) and 18 to 34 (58%)

Most Canadians report giving to 2 – 3 charities (43%) while 18% give to 4 -5 charities and 14% give to six or more. Just one quarter (24%) who have made a donation give to only one charity.

More respondents indicate that they donated $50 or less in the past 12 months compared to previous years, which is offset by a decline in the number of donations exceeding $200, $500, or $1,000.

Of those who have donated in the past 12 months, most prefer to be solicited once a year or less often.

Additional PDFs and materials, as well as recordings of the June 26, 2012, webinar "What Canadian Donors Want," are now available at  

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