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AFP Opposes Capping Itemized Deductions, Including Charitable, to Pay for President’s Jobs Bill

(Sept. 20, 2011) AFP learned early last week that the President intended to pay for his jobs bill by capping itemized deductions, including charitable deductions for high income taxpayers. AFP is chairing a coalition of groups to oppose any caps that would negatively affect charities.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy summarized the situation in this article.

The substance of the issue remains unchanged from the Administration's proposal from two years ago--a 28% cap on itemized deductions for individuals earning more than $200,000 and married couples earning more than $250,000.

The President has attached this proposal to every one of his high cost initiatives including healthcare reform, deficit reduction, a three-year AMT fix and now the jobs bill. Although the viability of the jobs bill is unclear, the application of the deduction cap to the jobs bill raises the profile of the issue once again.

AFP's position, like many in the sector, is to oppose any proposed cap on the itemized deduction. To aid members and non-members, AFP will soon be releasing a tool will allow individuals to send a personalized message to their elected officials with the touch of a button, and speak out on important issues like this one.

One key question is whether the deficit reduction super committee composed of six House members and six Senators will consider the cap on itemized deductions.  AFP is preparing to educate the super committee, as well as the Senate Finance Committee, House Ways and Means Committee and House and Senate leaders, about the cap and its potential negative impacts on charities and charitable giving.

AFP is chairing a coalition of groups such as ASAE, AHP, CASE and many others, and the coalition will send a letter to each member of the super committee this Wednesday urging them to oppose any caps on itemized deductions that would negatively affect charities. AFP also is planning to meet with key Members of Congress and their staffs. 

AFP is in the midst of drafting content for the Engaging Networks platform which will allow AFP members (and non-members) to contact their two Senators and House member at the push of a button. This online tool will allow you to personalize and send an electronic letter urging your Members of Congress to oppose any proposed caps on itemized deductions. Look for an announcement shortly when this new tool goes active.

Both AFP’s U.S. Government Relations Committee and AFP Political Action Committee continue to play pivotal roles as we try to educate Congress and ensure that the charitable deduction is preserved. 

We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Lee, AFP’s General Counsel, at

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