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Charitable Giving Coalition Sends Letter on Trump Tax Plan

The Charitable Giving Coalition, led by AFP, has sent a letter to Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee, encouraging them to safeguard the charitable deduction as they begin to debate their own tax proposals for the year. 

With President Trump unveiling his tax plan on Wednesday—and House Republicans Ways and Means members headed to a weekend retreat to discuss tax reform—the Charitable Giving Coalition quickly sent the letter to remind members of the value of the charitable deduction.

“We were pleased to see that the Trump Administration’s tax reform package did not include any limits, caps, or other changes to the charitable deduction,” said Jason Lee, interim president and CEO of AFP and chair of the Charitable Giving Coalition. “But the package did include a substantial increase in the standard deduction. That proposals would reduce the number of taxpayers who itemize their deductions from one-third to just five percent. That’s nearly 30 million taxpayers who will no longer have access to the charitable deduction, likely leading to a decrease in giving.”

The letter called on legislators to make the charitable deduction available to all taxpayers as a non-itemizer or universal charitable deduction. This change would retain the current levels of giving experienced by charities across the U.S. and could possibly incentivize giving even more.

The letter from the Charitable Giving Coalition was sent just to Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee because that group of legislators was attending a weekend retreat to discuss tax reform. With Republicans controlling both the House and Senate, Republican committee members will be the key drivers in creating a Congressional tax plan. AFP and the coalition also continues to work with Democrats and Independents as well to create strong levels of support for the charitable deduction across Congress.

The copy of the letter is here.

AFP is closely monitoring the tax reform debate in Congress and will alert members immediately if immediate action needs to be taken to help safeguard the charitable deduction and encourage even greater philanthropic giving.

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