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GR TOOL KIT: New Governments, New Resources, New Opportunities!

AFP has developed resource materials to help Canadian fundraisers engage their local, provincial and federal government systems.  Funded by a generous gift from Don Johnson, together with donations raised through the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada’s Every Member Campaign and funds from the Winnipeg Foundation, this toolkit of information is now available online in both English and French.

“The Foundation sees this investment as a way of empowering nonprofit leaders in conversations,” explains Scott Decksheimer, CFRE, immediate past chair of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy-Canada. “Ultimately, the fact sheets can be used with the media, internal organizational audiences and legislators.  These are all critical conversations that require consistent fact-based information.”

A framework for engagement

The toolkit provides:

  • a refresher on Parliament, including a description of Parliamentary roles and the protocol for addressing a member of Parliament, Senator or Cabinet Minister;
  • tips on arranging meetings, setting agendas and making a concise elevator pitch to members of the government; and
  • recommended next steps after you have met with a legislator/government officials to cultivate the relationship.

The toolkit extends the ongoing work efforts of the AFP Canadian Government Relations Committee.

Daniel Brunette, new chair of the committee, had this to say: “It is gratifying to know that many of my philanthropic sector colleagues, either on behalf of AFP or their own charities, have consulted this toolkit when engaging with elected representatives and public servants. The toolkit provides a best-practices framework for meaningful interactions with public officials, which in turn informs the decisions that ultimately impact the sector.”

Download the updated GR Toolkit: English | French

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