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Action Needed TODAY: Contact Parliament to Support Charitable Giving Tax Incentives

To encourage charitable giving during this tumultuous economic climate, AFP has offered two key recommendations to Parliament as part of its pre-budget consultation period and the Braid hearings on tax incentives:

  • Increase the flow of charitable funds in the wake of the recession and encourage Canadians to enhance their charitable giving by establishing a “stretch” charitable tax credit. 
  • Extend the exemption from capital gains tax to charitable gifts of private company shares and land and real estate.

AFP members are now urged to contact their members of Parliament to support these provisions.

The government and the nation’s economy both benefit when the charitable sector receives the resources it needs. Private donations can help leverage the impact of government investments and allow charities to provide the programs and services that do much to augment the work of the government.

Please take the following actions to urge Parliament to include those recommendations in the 2013 Budget:

1.      Write to your Member of Parliament in support of the elimination of the capital gains tax on gifts of private company share and land and real estate using the Engaging Networks e-letter found here.

2.      Join Imagine Canada’s Twitter campaign and write to your Member of Parliament in support of the stretch credit using the platform provided here (English) or here (in French).

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