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Canadian Charitable Receipts Must Include CRA Information

(Feb. 14, 2005) Receipts for contributions issued by registered charities in Canada must now include the name and website address of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The change was part of the Minister of Finance's draft legislative and regulatory proposals introduced in September 2004. The legislation was approved with little discussion in late January.

The name 'Canada Revenue Agency' and its website address ( must now be included on all charitable receipts.

Since the CRA was formerly part of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, the CRA will also accept receipts with that name and website address as well.

Registered charities were required to have implemented this change on Jan. 1, 2005 (see previous Dec. 20 eWire article). However, the CRA has already said that it will accept charitable receipts without this information throughout 2005 and will not penalize charities for not having the information on their receipts this year.

In addition, the CRA has indicated that in 2005 charities can use any sort of means (e.g., sticker, stamp, hand-written) to include the information on receipts.

For a short Q&A on this issue, go to the CRA website.

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