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AFP U.S. Legislative Update: Contact Your Senators the Week of Thanksgiving

(Nov. 20, 2017) AFP, the Charitable Giving Coalition and other organizations continue to reach out to the U.S. Senate regarding its tax reform bill and push Senators to support a universal charitable deduction.

As we reach the week of Thanksgiving, we know many of you will be heading out early, but your continued engagement is greatly appreciated.

If you have a few minutes this week, please consider:

1)     Reaching out to your two U.S. Senators and encouraging them to support the universal charitable deduction.

2)     Have your executive director and key board members also contact their two U.S. Senators.

3)     If you have events this week, please consider using mentioning the impact of the tax reform bill and encourage attendees to contact the Senate.

4)     If you’re in Oklahoma, please thank Sen. James Lankford for his introduction of a bill creating the universal charitable deduction.

Find your two U.S. Senators here. You’ll find talking points and a template email below. Thank you for your help in preserving giving and the charitable deduction!

Talking Points

  • The current Tax Reform bills in the House and Senate do NOT preserve the full scope and value of the charitable deduction.
  • Although the charitable deduction is preserved for taxpayers who will continue to itemize, under current Tax Reform proposals, the charitable deduction will NO LONGER be available to 95% of all taxpayers because of the expansion of the standard deduction. That means:

    • Over 30 million taxpayers will no longer have the charitable deduction available to them.
    • Research shows that charitable contributions will DECLINE by at least $13 billion per year, and possibly up to $20 billion annually!
  • This is devastating for our charitable organization and organizations like ours throughout the country. (Insert specifics on your charity)
  • Congress must address this significant negative impact on giving that is being caused by increasing the standard deduction.
  • A growing number of Republicans and Democrats are recognizing the reality of the negative consequences and voicing interest in finding a fix.
  • The solution is a universal charitable deduction for all taxpayers, including those who take the standard deduction.
  • DETAIL, IF NEEDED: One current proposal (The Universal Charitable Giving Act, H.R. 3988/S.2123) would provide allow non-itemizers (those taking the standard deduction) to deduct up to $4,000/individual and $8,000/couple each year once tax reform is enacted.


Draft Email

Dear Senator LAST NAME:

As the TITLE for the ORGANIZATION in CITY, STATE, I am writing to urge you to include the universal charitable deduction in the current Senate tax reform bill.

The doubling of the standard deduction in the bill will dramatically reduce the number of taxpayers who benefit from the charitable deduction. The Joint Committee on Taxation confirmed that under the bill, 30 million taxpayers would no longer itemize their taxes, reducing the amount of charitable gifts that taxpayers deduct by almost $100 billion.

Research from Independent Sector and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy estimates that charities could see a staggering loss of up to $13.1 billion in contributions annually, equal to 6 percent of all individual giving, while other research shows that giving could drop by almost $20 billion!

This loss in charitable giving will generate significant, negative consequences for America's charitable organizations and the constituents they serve. INCLUDE A SENTENCE OR TWO ON HOW A DROP IN GIVING COULD IMPACT YOUR ORGANIZATION AND ITS CHARITABLE SERVICES.

To offset this giving and ensure that charities receive the funding they need to serve communities across our country, I encourage you to include the universal charitable deduction in the tax reform bill.

A universal charitable deduction available to all taxpayers is simple, fair and would help encourage additional giving to charities. Enacting a universal charitable deduction in the tax bill would overcome the loss in giving from the increased standard deduction.

Please support a universal charitable deduction in the Senate tax reform bill. Without it, the bill cannot live up to its ideal of being fairer and helping all Americans, especially those that depends on the services of charities across the country.

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