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Disaster Response Checklist Available at No Cost to Nonprofits, Donors & Governments

May 3, 2010

Doing more measurable good and no harm with disaster response dollars is a challenge amid the chaos and confusion following a disaster.

Now available is a practical Checklist for well considered planning, implementation, evaluation and training.  It's based on debriefings and on the literature of what works and what doesn't.

Faruq Achikzad, founder of the Raqim Foundation, and a retired senior United Nations and World Bank official and Charles Maclean, PhD Donor Advocate for PhilanthropyNow learned valuable and sometime painful lessons in shipping humanitarian supplies. They worked together to move 4,000 blankets made in India to the neediest of the needy in winter ravaged remote Afghanistan villages. The blankets arrived, but were late and costs grew beyond expectations due to unforeseen issues and complexities.

They could have just moved on to the next project but decided to claim every scintilla of learning  and engaged others in the field in sharing what they had learned the hard way.

Because of that experience, Faruq and Charles with input from a global cadre of on the ground doers created the practical tool, the "Checklist for Effective Disaster Response - Insights for Wise Humanitarian Action".

Says Lenore T. Ealy, Ph.D., Director, The Project for New Philanthropy Studies @ DonorsTrust and Co-founder, Project K.I.D., "This is a document we will disseminate to donors. It will be helpful for any NGO or philanthropist engaging in disaster response to work through step by step."

This free resource covers 10 sections, from Assessment of Needs to Communication with Donors, Partners, and the Media. It's goal is to help responders be prepared, and to prevent loss, fraud, and fatigue. The document also delivers a number of extensive hands-on disaster relief resource lists and references.

 "After more than 20 years of international disaster response I can say this checklist is the most comprehensive I have used or seen," said Grady P. Bray, PhD, President, Crisis Human Services, Inc. "The timely use of this instrument can save millions of dollars and mitigate needless suffering by disaster victims exacerbated by well meaning but poorly informed contributors."

A short form and the full 27-page checklist are available as free pdf downloads from: and


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