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Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017

The AFP family sends its thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, including those in Louisiana as the storm begins to make landfall for a second time.

AFP International has updated its Disaster Relief and Fundraising Efforts Page with items about Hurricane Harvey and everything being done to help those in the affected area. Members can scroll to the bottom of the page for articles about fundraising after natural disasters and other resources.

AFP Interim President and CEO Jason Lee, a native of Houston, had this to say about the hurricane and its impact:

It is bracing to see the striking images of devastation throughout Houston, the city where I was born and raised and will forever claim as my home. Hurricanes are a part of life in Houston. I have countless memories as a kid helping my Dad hang the plywood hurricane shutters over our windows prior to a storm’s arrival.

But Hurricane Harvey is different. I’ve seen my childhood friends lament their flooded homes, immersed vehicles, lost memories and valuables; the necessity of evacuation; the division of extended family members resulting from evacuations, and other storm-related challenges. A beloved retired football coach from my high school drowned while trying to rescue other people. These stories are just a microcosm of what is happening all over Houston.

It is in these times of crisis when fundraising and philanthropy shine and impact lives and communities in so many positive ways. We can assist those in need now and help rebuild the proud city when the floodwaters finally recede. While AFP supports all charities working on every conceivable cause, I hope you’ll allow me this personal moment and encourage you to support relief efforts in Houston.

Messages from Houston

AFP Greater Houston Chapter President Dawn Koenning posted these words on the chapter’s Facebook page:

 As fundraisers, philanthropists and Houstonians, our first thought when waking up to Harvey’s devastating news was, “How can we help?”

Houston has always been a national leader in philanthropy, and we have no doubt Houstonians will continue to step up in the coming days and weeks to help our neighbors in need after this unprecedented disaster.

As the Association of Fundraising Professionals, we serve as a resource for giving in our community and urge Houstonians to consider helping by donating to established relief funds and organizations providing services and assistance. Please beware of scams and emails from unfamiliar individuals or organizations.

We encourage our Chapter partners who are aiding in Houston disaster relief to post links below, so we can guide Houstonians in purposeful giving. We’ll be posting a few of the reputable ones we have seen so far too!

Stay strong, Houston!" #houstonstrong

Koenning also spoke with AFP International and added: “Houston is devastated but strong.  While it’s incredibly overwhelming to see the devastation all around, it’s equally inspirational to see the generosity from EVERYWHERE.  Special thanks to the surrounding Texas and Louisiana communities that have shown up to help in so many ways.” She invites members, chapters and others to pass along resources on disaster relief fundraising to the chapter. 

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