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Fundraisers Expect Largest Gains in Major Gifts, Online Giving in 2010

June 22, 2010

Nonprofits expect to see the largest fundraising gains in 2010 in the area of major gifts/planned giving, as well as online giving/social media.

AFP's Quick Poll website survey, an online poll that received 1,100 responses between April and June 2010, asked people what fundraising technique or type they believe will experience the largest growth for their organization in 2010. Twenty-eight percent of respondents said the largest growth would come in the area of major gifts and planned giving. Another 28 percent said online giving/social media would see the most growth.

Only about ten percent of people believed they would see the largest gains in the following areas: special events, corporate support and text/mobile giving. Direct mail received just 8 percent of votes.

An even smaller percentage expects to have the largest gains from foundation support (4 percent) and telemarketing (3 percent).

The breakdown was as follows.

What fundraising technique or type do you believe will experience the largest growth for your organization in 2010?

  • Major gifts/planned gifts - 28 percent
  • Online giving/social media - 28 percent
  • Special events - 11 percent
  • Text/mobile giving - 10 percent
  • Corporate support (grants, sponsorships, etc.) - 9 percent
  • Direct mail - 8 percent
  • Foundation support - 4 percent
  • Telemarketing - 3 percent

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