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Georgia Brother and Sister Honored with International Youth Philanthropy Award

March 14, 2013

Carter and Olivia Ries Outstanding Youth 250P(Arlington, Va.) – Carter and Olivia Ries, brother and sister from Fayetteville, Georgia, who have created plastic recycling programs being used in schools across the U.S. and are committed to conservation and endangered species efforts, are the recipients of the 2013 Bob Carter Companies/William R. Simms Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Group, presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). 

The award, named after AFP co-founder William R. Simms and sponsored by Bob Carter Companies, recognizes service by a group of young people who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropy.  Olivia and Carter will receive the honor on April 6, 2013, at the Celebration of Philanthropy awards ceremony during AFP’s 50th International Conference on Fundraising in San Diego, the largest gathering of fundraisers in the world.

“I can’t believe that our efforts have brought us this far,” said Carter. “It blows my mind that just three and a half years ago our organization didn’t even exist, and now look where we are.  Olivia and I want to thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and we look forward to raising more awareness and funds to continue our efforts. There are many doors in life—open the right one and you can change the world”

Carter and Olivia founded their own nonprofit organization, One More Generation, three years ago, to help save endangered species, especially the cheetah. But after the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico oil spill, they quickly became involved in relief efforts, spending four months gathering supplies and working with environment groups for a week on the Gulf Coast.

During that time, the brother and sister learned about the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life animals. Working with their school, they developed a weeklong Plastics and Recycling Awareness Curriculum. The program has been used in many schools along the Gulf Coast region, and One More Generation has a goal of having the curriculum used in every school in the U.S.

Carter and Olivia have formed the Plastic Awareness Coalition to collaborate with like-minded organizations to increase their impact and reach. Over 70 local, regional, national and international groups have joined the coalition. One More Generation has also signed a partnership with Novelis, the world’s largest producer and recycler of aluminum, to add information about recycling aluminum into their weeklong curriculum.

The two will also be featured on the Steve Harvey TV show as part of Steve’s ‘Harvey’s Heroes’ segment. The show will air this Friday on March 15th nationally and will allow these two superstars to bring their conservation and environmental outreach programs into homes and schools all across America. The show managed to get South African Airlines to provide the kids with tickets back to South Africa where they are planning on meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma to discuss ways that the South African government can help protect rhinos. Poaching of rhinos has increased to alarming rates and unless someone steps up to help the species, rhinos will become extinct in the wild in a generation or two.

When we started One More Generation, we never intended that we would someday be receiving this award,” said Olivia. “Our goal then, as it is now, was to help save as many endangered species and to help clean up our environment for at least One More Generation… and beyond.  We thank AFP for recognizing us for what we have done and remember—Anybody Can Make A Difference… If We Can, You Can Too”

Carter and Olivia remain committed to endangered species preservation as well, having “adopted” several cheetahs in South Africa and traveled to that country to coordinate with conservation and environmental organizations there. They are currently focusing on preventing poaching and are working with the U.S. State Department and the Wildlife Trafficking Department to develop an educational outreach program for kids.

“To think that Carter and Olivia have already touched so many lives—have already made such an impact in the world—at such young ages is staggering,” said Bob Carter, CFRE, president of Bob Carter Companies. “I’ve been involved in fundraising for decades, and theirs is one of the most unique and inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. I look forward to not only honoring them in San Diego, but hearing more about their work in the years to come.”

Carter and Olivia are one of seven incredible honorees to be recognized as part of AFP’s Awards for Philanthropy during the Celebration of Philanthropy awards event. Other honors include the year’s outstanding philanthropist, volunteer fundraiser, corporation, foundation and fundraising professional 

“Olivia and Carter remind us that age is no barrier to philanthropy, and that anyone—if they have the commitment and inspiration—can make a difference in their community and the world,” said Andrew Watt, FInstF, president and CEO of AFP. “What they have accomplished already is truly extraordinary, and all of us at AFP are honored to be able to recognize them for their achievements.”


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